Why won't my 5834-4 key fob program?

The video below will assist you with programming a 5834-4 keyfob:

In May 2015, Honeywell began shipping the 5834-4 keyfob with High Security (Encrypted) mode enabled. If encryption is not enabled, the transmission from the keyfob is the same every time you send the disarm command. But, when High Security mode is enabled, the keyfob uses a rolling code every time it sends a transmission to the alarm panel. Once the 5834-4 and the panel are synced, only the panel can predict what the next rolling code from the fob will be, thereby making arm/disarm with a wireless device much more secure. This, however, requires an extra step when programming a keyfob into the panel, and to make matters more confusing, the keyfob can be learned into the alarm panel, even if High Security mode is enabled, and they are not yet in sync, but once you exit programming, the fob will neither arm, nor disarm, until the sync has been completed. You can tell when the 5834-4 is in High Security mode when the LED, which flashes when you transmit with the fob, lights Red, instead of Green. Red = High Security Mode. Green = No Encryption. To sync the panel and the 5834-4 follow these steps:

  1. Enter Go-No-Go Test mode. On the Vista Panels, enter Installer Code (default is 4112) + [#] + [4] to put the system into the Go-No-Go Test Mode. On the Lynx Touch, go to Security->More->Tools->Installer Code->Test->Go-No-Go Test.
  2. Wait one minute. While in this mode, the system will beep about once every 40 seconds to remind you it's in test mode. Wait until you've heard the 2nd indication beep (we want to be sure the system is in test for at least 1 minute before proceeding).
  3. Sync the fob and panel. On the 5834-4, press and hold down the A, B, and C buttons until you hear a double beep from the alarm panel. This indicates the panel and the fob have been synced. Remember that the 5834-4 actually has 2 serial numbers which can be used, so if you are using them both, you will also have to press and hold down the A, B, and D buttons until you hear the double beep, to sync the panel with the second serial number.

NOTE: To exit the Go-No-Go test mode, simply enter your 4 digit code + off, or, on the LynxTouch, press Home, then enter your 4 digit code. All Lynx panels can support High Security Mode. On the Vista panels, all Keypads with built-in receivers support it, as well, but not all 5881/5882 style receivers do. You need to be sure, if you have this type of receiver, that it supports encryption, and if there is a dip switch setting that affects encryption, that it is enabled.

Follow these steps if the 5834-4 is in low security mode, but you wish to put it into high security mode.

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Do you know which zone numbers you programmed them to? You can go into the *56 zone programming menu and set each zone your programmed to 0 (not used) for the response type. That will delete each zone. Then you can program them using the *58 wireless key programming templates. Generally these zones start at 49 so you can go into *56 and confirm what zone 49 is set to for starters.
I tried to program 2 ademco key fob with my adt safewatch pro 3000 system. The 1st one programmed correctly, but the 2nd one did not. When I tried to reprogram the 2nd one, I think I put the same zones as the 1st one. Now neither one works. How can I delete them and reprogram?
The L5100 lists support for up to 16 key fob zones which would be 4 key fobs if you are programming all 4 or if you are only using 3 buttons on each, you could do all 5.
I have 5 4 buttons ademco 5834 but only 3 works with my lynx5100, is 3 the max amount of controls??
OK, thanks very much. I'll bypass it for now, while I watch the history log to see if it happens again, and I've set up an automation to have the nearby camera capture a shot of the perpetrator(s).
Well that motion has the pet immunity feature enabled by default but with the way the pet immunity works, multiple cats (especially when they can jump on furniture) can still set off false alarms.
Ha, I should have looked first; sorry. I just removed it, and it is a 5800PIR-RES. It also says "Pulse count 2, 80lbs Animal Immunity", and after removing the circuit board and looking at the other side, the sticker says SA5800PIR-RESVE A013 REV D1. All three of my cats together weigh less then 80lbs ;-)
It depends on the model number of the motion. Do you know what the model number is of the wireless motion?
Sterling, thanks so much for the speedy reply and confirmation that I've got it working properly. Off-topic, but since I have your attention: this system is a full replacement by ADT of my older Vista panel, which had all hard-wired zones. I've had a wired, pet-immune PIR motion detector for a very long time, and my three housecats never set it off. The new installation came with a Honeywell wireless PIR motion detector as part of the kit. The techs mounted it on a wall about 7-8 feet off the ground. The cats are setting it off. I don't know if it is the "residential" or "commercial" version of the detector. Are there any sensitivity adjustments or other options to make it pet-immune, or will I just have to remove it from the system?
If the fob is lighting up red when you press and hold one of the function buttons and that function button properly sends the command to the panel, then you do have it properly setup in high security mode.
Hi: I have the ADT version of the Vista 20P (Safewatch Pro 3000EN). The tech programmed in the keyfob that came with the system, but he did it in standard mode (LED blinks green). I then read about this rolling code mode. I pressed the three buttons to change it to high security mode, and it now blinks red, and it does arm and disarm properly. However, I tried to do the procedure described above (Go-No Go mode, press the ABC buttons then the ABD buttons). The panel would not do the double-beeps. It simply interpreted it as a normal arm or disarm command and beeped three times. So: does this mean my panel already communicates with the fob in high-security/rolling code mode, or not? Thanks.
You enter Go/No Go test mode by entering Installer Code + # + 8, the rest should be the same.
Are the steps the same for the Lynx plus? I have a little old lady that does not want another system but lost her keyfob, I ordered replacement but nothing
If you look at the 5877 installation guide - https://www.alarmgrid.com/documents/honeywell-5877-installation-manual-and-setup-guide, the last page, at the bottom left states that high security mode on 5800 key fobs is not supported. If you press and hold buttons B, C and D on the key fob that you have that is lighting up red now, for 5 seconds, it should then light up green and will work with a 5877 in standard mode.
My experience is, it doesn't work. I actually sent a support ticket to Honeywell on this issue several months ago, and their response is that they don't support direct enrollment of fobs into the 5877. I've not been able to make a 5834-4 work for this.
I am able to program my older key fobs to a 5887 relay module used on my garage door. How do i get the newer key fob with high security mode to program to trip this relay?
That was it; thanks!
It sounds like you are trying to disarm using the installer code and not the master code. A key fob can't be mapped to an installer code and an installer code can't disarm if a master or sub user code was used to arm. I would imagine you'll find your panel's default master code of 1234 is still setup as default so if you arm with the key fob and then try disarming with 1234, it should work. I would suggest you change your master code (to something different than your installer code as they can't be the same) and then start arming/disarming with the master code instead of the installer code.
I have a 5834 4-button key fob that I have programmed successfully with my Lynx 7100. The keys all work and can arm and disarm the system. However: when I ARM the system using the key fob, then I am unable to DISARM the system by typing the code into the front panel. When the system is ARMed with the key fob, I can only DISARM by using the key fob. Is this behavior expected, or is something not programmed correctly?
Please email any further questions to support@alarmgrid.com as we'd like to keep the conversation relevant to the key fob on this page. 1. You can lock the lock and have it arm the system and vice versa. You can't have lights turn on based on the lock locking or unlocking though as one Z-Wave device can't trigger another. 2. The IPCAMs can be viewed locally through the L7000 panel and locally using the LYNX Connect app. If you want to view them remotely, you'll need a Total Connect 2.0 service plan that includes video surveillance. 3. The 5822T wireless tilt switch which is most commonly used for garage doors would work up to 200' from the panel. 4. Yes, the 5816OD works outdoors and can be configured to activate Z-Wave lights when activated.
Thanks again Sterling, your the man! Love your YouTube Videos, btw. They are very helpful and enlightening. And I appoglize for so many questions, but there are so many variables these days with Z-Wave and Video Integrated Honeywell Security Systems, I would like to utilize ALL the potential in my Lynx 7000. Unfortunately, Honeywell provides nearly ZERO insight of the Product Line that is compatible with this platform. Only Basic Brochures, I assume to promote Managed Security Solutions. But I hate Managed Solutions. So, I have a couple more, but I think they benefit all of us DIY Users out there. 1. Are the ZWave door locks i.e.) Schlage, etc. Upon using these Door Lock, can they integrate with ZWave Lights registered on the Lynx 7000, and as well.....DISARM The Alarm upon entry. As upon entry, turn on lights, turn off alarm, etch...? 2. Honeywell Security Video Cams, can they be used as End-User applications on this Lynx 7000, or only through Managed Total Access Security Accounts? 3. What is the range of the Garage Door Monitor, would it be detected in excess of 50-100 feet, as in a detached garage, 4. Are there any Outside Honeywell Perimeter Sensors that would be able to turn on lights with motion outside, with Chime, etc. Very important I would think. That's it, answer at your leisure. Thanks again.,.!
You can integrate Z-Wave lights, locks and thermostats as long as you have the L5100-Z-WAVE module (https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/honeywell-l5100-zwave ) installed. You don't need service to control Z-Wave locally from the panel. The L7000 is firmware upgradeable but you would need it active with some level of monitoring. There is no phone connection option so you have to use WIFI and/or cellular.
Well, you learn something everyday..... Thanks for that. Next, as I have never had anyone respond regarding this system. Z-Wave Product, does it really work off this Console. As in Z-Wave Lights, Door Locks, etc. And are there specific product lines that only are applicable. I assumed that one most have a Monitored Account to add the Total Access programming. And if Door Locks, can entering premise be linked to Z-Wave Doorl Locks and Disarm System, a real plus I would think. Is this unit Firmware Upgradeable for an End-User on only by Monitor Affiliated Company? One last thing, is their a phone line module available for this Lynx 7000 Model, as I have the GSM Module, which is, I assume only applicable to a Monitored Service. Thanks again for any advice you could offer..
The Guest user is the new name for a "babysitter" code. Similar to the installer code, the guest user can only disarm the panel when it was armed with that same code. In other words, if you arm at the keypad with any other code or quick arm you will not be able to disarm using the guest user. This goes for manual code entry and if it is assigned to a key fob. If you are looking to setup a key fob on a different user in order to track which user arms when just setup a sub user. Sub users are any user beside the master, installer, guest and duress. Starting at user slot 3...
Your issue is that you are assigning the fob to user code slots that don't have user codes set within the slot. You need to go to the Users section of programming (More > Tools > enter Master Code > Users) and see which user slots of actual 4-digit codes. The fob will only work with a user code slot that has an assigned user code.
Hey Steriing, much thnx for the reply. Yes, all valid Users applied, as in no duplicated User Assignement, but it's odd. As I remove the Orig Master and reassign a different Remote to Master, it is the sole applicable Remote, no others will operate. Have gone through the Recommended steps to no avail, as mentioned. So just now, a working remote I use, was reassigned to Guest User, it will not operate now, as a different remote, Assigned as New Master User, WILL operate, only Master User Operates. I am sure there is an simple explanation, just cannot find a resource. THanks.
Are they assigned to valid Users? If you have them assigned to a user slot that has no associated user code, they won't work. Try switching them to Master for User and then test them again.
Have -4- 5834 4-Button Remotes, Brand new, and they cannot be detected my Lynx 7100 System. Have repeated enrolled them in the system, given each a separate User ID, even following the supposed High Security Setup, but to no avail. These are DOA..? OR, is their a solution out there?

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