Will a Honeywell L7000 work w/o an Internet Connection?

Just like it's predecessor the L5100, and its contemporaneous little brother the L5200, the L7000 can be used without an internet communicator. While internet is the most popular communication pathway for the L7000 which can be connected wirelessly to the internet using the L5100-WIFI or using an ethernet cable if an iLP5 communicator is installed, the L7000 does not support plain old phone line communication unlike all the many security systems that came before it. There is NO phone line connection built into the unit. While the L5200 can communicate over phone, the L7000 does not have the capabilities.

Cellular communication, which does not use the internet, requires the purchase of a wireless cellular communicator. While the L5200 and the older L5100 can use the older Honeywell GSMVLP5-4G communicator, the L7000 requires the Honeywell 4GL to communicate over the cellular network. These cellular communicators use the AT&T network to send signals.

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