Will Wired Sensors Work on Any Alarm Panel?

Not all security systems are compatible with wired security sensors. Some wireless systems can interface wired devices with a wired to wireless translator such as the 5800C2W. With a wired security system, you will want to make sure that the contacts being installed are compatible.

There are two types of alarm systems, wired systems and wireless systems. Many wired systems are able to interface with wireless devices when a RF receiver is installed. As stated earlier, some wireless systems can interface with a wired sensor as well. This can be accomplished in a few different ways. Some panels such as the Honeywell Lyric Controller and the 2GIG GC3 have terminal inside the keypad for hardwired zones. Also there are wireless transmitters like the SiXCT or 5816 that also have internal wired terminals that will translate wired sensors back to a wireless receiver. Lastly there are wired to wireless translator that convert groups of wired zones to wireless zones.

Wired security sensors typically use a normally closed loop to operate. As some sensors use a normally open loop, it’s important to check the installation manual for the device. Most modern security systems use normally closed security sensors for their security devices. The beauty of wired sensors is that the compatility limitations are only based on this electronic configuration.

Wired security sensors can come in many different types. Just because sensors look different, doesn’t mean that their operation will be different. Normally closed security sensors come in models from magnetic reed switches, to rolling plungers, to regular plungers and even contacts and recess into a hole and are totally flush with their mounting surface. Wired security sensors can have wire leads attached to the unit which will need to be spliced into the wire pair connecting to the security system. Other sensors have terminal screws where the wire pair from the security system can be landed. A magnetic reed switch is activated when a magnet gets close enough to the switch. Rolling plungers are a ball that pushes down a plunger switch, a regular plunger is the same kind of switch without a ball. A recessed contact installs into the mounting surface and usually operates with a magnetic reed switch.

Some wireless system can interface with wired sensors with a wired to wireless translator. For example, with a Honeywell system that supports the 5800 wireless sensors, a user can install a 5800C2W. This device connects up to 9 wired zones and converts them into supervised wireless zones. The device has its own transformer to supply its power and can have a 12 volt backup battery installed to provide power in the event of a power outage. The 5800C2W makes it super convenient to connect to existing wired zones in the location or add new wired zones on to a compatible Honeywell wireless alarm system.

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