Honeywell L5210PK

Wireless Security System w/ No Communicator, 3 door/window sensors

Honeywell l5210pk wireless security system w slash no communicat

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Kit includes L5210, 3 5811 wireless door/window sensors, 1 5800PIR-RES motion, and a 5834-4 key fob. And for an even quicker installation, don’t forget the LT-Cable.
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This classic L5210 kit is perfect for apartments and condos with just a few zones to protect. Thanks to Honeywell’s amazing wireless security system technology and commitment to quality hardware, any consumer can afford the most modern, up-to-date technology available in the industry.

This base kit is the most simple kit that Alarm Grid sells, though it lacks the ability to communicate with a central station since it does not come with any communicators. That said, the L5210 as well as its slightly bigger brother, the L7000, are modular and can be added onto at any time. This kit is perfect for those looking to hardwire connect the L5210 to a phone line (something the L7000 cannot do), since that does not require a communicator, or for those who would rather use a hardwire ethernet connection to get their L5210 communicating with the central station. This can be accomplished by using the iLP5 AlarmNet Communicator, which is a communicator that will give the L5210 in which it is installed the ability to use Total Connect.

For those looking for a system in this same configuration that will connect via WIFI, cellular (GSM), or both the L5210PK-WIFI, the L5210PK-3G, and the L5210PK-WIFI-3G, are the kits for you. These kits contain the various sensors, as well as an included communicator. Additionally, instead of the 5816s that are in the L5210PK, the rest of the L5210 kits contain the thinner 5811s.


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Kit Includes

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