2GIG wireless sensors are now compatible with the Honeywell Lyric!

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Honeywell released the MR3 firmware update for the Lyric security platform. This is a critical update that repaired some bugs and added some cool new integrations. In our MR3 firmware announcement Sterling summarized all the features of the update. After the announcement Honeywell re-released the update with a patch to fix a bug with APL technology. Now you can request this firmware update from your alarm company. Since it is a critical update it does not require anyone at the panel to accept it.

Although we mentioned it in our general announcement, Lyric alarm systems running the newest firmware now support 2GIG sensors! We did not go into much detail on why this may be important and which sensors are supported. Well we have done some testing in our lab and confirmed that all the 2GIG 345MHZ sensors are now compatible with the Lyric Controller. Generally we feel that the Honeywell sensors are superior and offer a wider range of products but this is a great thing for converting existing 2GIG systems to the Lyric platform.

The 2GIG wireless sensors use a 345MHz RF transmission to speak to the Go!Control panels: GC2 and GC3. Now the Lyric is able receive these transmissions making the panel even more flexible. Before the MR3 update, the Lyric only supported both lines of Honeywell wireless sensors: SiX and 5800 series. This makes the Lyric the first Honeywell alarm system to support 2GIG peripheral devices. The GC2 and GC3 have always supported Honeywell 5800 series devices but this did not work the other way around. Well now it does with the Lyric specifically. Lynx Touch and VISTA series panels still do not support 2GIG sensors. However there is a third party translator that technically is capable of converting 2GIG to Honeywell and much more. It is the Resolution Products RE524x.

2GIG sensor compatibility may not be a feature that many Lyric owners will utilize and certainly get excited about. The general trend that Honeywell is opening up their systems to other technologies and brands is a wonderful thing though. Integrations like SkyBell's video doorbell and August's smart lock prove that even companies like Honeywell that tend to operate in a proprietary bubble sense the demand for more dynamic, multi-brand technology ecosystems that compose the "Internet of Things" aka IOT. This is the future and its promising to see that Honeywell is jumping aboard the train to IoT land.

Note: The local bypass function does not work on the DW40. It simply functions as a normal door/window contact. Also, we still need to test the 2GIG garage tilt sensor and flood sensor. If they are compatible we will get them up and add them to the 345MHz landing page linked above.

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Any Lyric running 01.03.06549.482 (https://www.alarmgrid.com/blog/honeywell-lyric-controller-mr3-firmware-released) or higher would support the 2Gig sensors. The current latest version is 01.09.07755.491 (https://www.alarmgrid.com/blog/lyric-firmware-update-mr9-now-available). If you press Security > Tools > enter Master Code > Advanced > System Information, your Lyric's current revision should be shown on the top line of that screen as the rev.#.
What is the current latest version of the firmware? Or at least one that will support the 2GIG devices.
Well that is odd. The only thing I can recommend is pushing the latest update. It is possible that you need a slightly later MR3 revision. By pushing MR4 we should be able to test and determine if it is a hardware malfunction or not.
Thanks for the response. I tried that with a 2GIG smoke detector SMKT3-345, 2GIG CO detector CO3-345, and 2GIG glass break GB1-345 and none of them worked. I tried faulting method on the serial number field. I also tried just typing in the number. I put brand new batteries in them. Nothing worked. What sensor type do you need to set it as for 2GIG? Could you maybe do a YouTube video on using 2GIG sensors with a Lyric? I also have a 2GIG TAKE-345 but I didn't bother trying it yet as the other three failed. Once I get something to work, I will also want the TAKE-345 to work.
That is correct. MR3 introduced the 2GIG support. However they will not auto-enroll the same way that SiX series devices do. You will need to go into each zone and manually click into the serial number field. Then you can auto-enroll by faulting the device or manually enter the serial number (TX ID in the case of 2GIG 345 MHz devices). If you have any issues with this feel free to email us at support@alarmgrid.com.
??? This article specifically states that MR3 firmware works with 2GIG devices. So does your other article on MR3: https://www.alarmgrid.com/blog/honeywell-lyric-controller-mr3-firmware-released. Both this article and that article states that MR3 works with 2GIG devices. MR4 ends in 491. But MR3 ends in 482. I have MR3. I haven't signed up for monitoring yet. I am still using my old system while I get my new system configured. So, I can't get MR4 at the moment. But, I should be able to use MR3 for 2GIG devices, according to your own articles.
You'll need to be on the latest version of Lyric firmware for it to work with the 2GIG sensors. Once you activate the Lyric, it can be updated, and then you'll be able to enter the 2GIG devices. If you go to Security > Tools > Master Code > Advanced > System Information what are the last 3 digits of the SW Rev number displayed? If they aren't 491, then you're not on the latest version.
I just received my Lyric. I believe it came with the MR3 firmware. But, not sure how to connect my 2GIG sensors to it. I have a 2GIG glass break sensor. It has a button on the front, and two batteries. I thought maybe the Lyric would auto detect it like it does for SIX sensors. I disconnected the batteries and reconnected them when the panel was looking for sensors (at the serial number screen) and it didn't find it. I pressed the button on it, whatever that does, and that didn't help either. Maybe I have to enter the number manually? There are some stickers inside, not sure which might be the right number to enter for the serial number.
Hi, thanks. I'm replacing a 2GIG system with a Lyric. But, want to keep using some of my 2GIG pieces. This helps. And the FF345 to integrate the Next smoke alarms into the Lyric I suppose is satisfactory.
The Lyric would work with a Z-Wave 2Gig thermostat but not the Nest smoke alarms. If the Nest smoke alarms are interconnected, meaning when one goes off, they all go off, you could use the FF345 (https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/encore-ff345 ) to integrate them into your Lyric system though.
Will the Lyric work with 2GIG thermostats? Nest smoke alarms?

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