Are Old Honeywell Hardwired Contacts Compatible w/ Modern Systems?

Yes, old Honeywell hardwired contacts are compatible with modern systems. To use hardwired contacts with a newer system, you will need a wireless converter like the Honeywell 5800C2W. This device will allow hardwired security devices to connect with the wireless zones on a newer panel.

Most newer security panels are designed to work with wireless devices rather than hardwired devices. However, this does not mean that hardwired security devices cannot work with these newer systems. By allowing these older security devices to be converted to a wireless zone, they will function just fine. This can be done with a Honeywell 5800C2W Wireless Converter.

The 5800C2W works by having hardwired security devices connect to its board. Once the hardwired devices have been wired in, the 5800C2W can be programmed much like any other 5800 Series wireless device. Once the devices are wired and programming is complete, each hardwired zone will function by triggering an input on the 5800C2W, which then triggers a wireless output zone to the security panel. If the 5800C2W ever experiences trouble, such as a missing module cover, low battery, or a lost power supply, this condition will be reported to the system on the first programmed zone of the device.

It should be mentioned that hardwired life-safety devices, like smokes and carbon monoxide detectors, cannot be used with the 5800C2W. This is due to regulatory restrictions. For life-safety devices, it is possible use a wireless takeover module, like the Encore Firefighter FF345, to integrate them with a newer system, such as the Honeywell Lyric Controller. The FF345 will connect with the panel as a wireless device, and it will listen for the sound of any 110 Volt smoke detector or carbon monoxide sensor. When this sound is heard, the FF345 will activate and cause an alarm on the system.

The videos below should help you with getting started in using the 5800C2W:

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