Are There Security Systems Better Than a 2GIG GC3 Alarm System?

It's a matter of opinion as to whether there are security systems better than a 2GIG GC3 Alarm System. The GC3 is one of the finest wireless alarm control panels available, and there are really only a few systems that can properly compare. The best system ultimately comes down to opinion.

2gig gc3 diy wireless security system w slash 7 screenThe 2GIG GC3 comes complete with support for 100 wireless zones, 8 external keypads, 32 key fobs and 100 user codes. It includes a Z-Wave Plus controller for supporting smart home devices, and an integrated WIFI card for fast communication speeds. A cellular communicator should be added to the system for enhanced reliability. This will also allow the system to work with the service.

The GC3 is also known for its exceptional build quality and sleek design. It features a 7-inch, full-color touchscreen controller and a fresh, modern look that the fits in with almost any decor. 2GIG also recently made partitioning available for the GC3 with the all-new Smart Areas feature. By using this feature, a user will be able to control up to four individual partitions on their GC3 System. Please note that this will require the latest firmware update.

However, there are other options beyond the 2GIG GC3. The Honeywell Lyric Controller can use the same sensors as the GC3, plus the fully encrypted Honeywell SiX Series Sensors. Additionally, the Lyric is one of the few systems available today that is compatible with Apple HomeKit. By using Apple HomeKit, a user can set their security system up with HomeKit Smart Scenes and control their system using voice commands sent through Siri. This makes the Lyric a very strong option for iOS users.

Another strong option is the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus with Legacy Honeywell and 2GIG Daughtercard. The IQ Panel 2 is known for its thin profile and and easy to navigate menus. It can use the same sensors as the Honeywell Lyric, as well as the robust and powerful PowerG sensors. It also offers partition support with the latest Qolsys IQ Panel 2 firmware update. Up to four partitions can be controlled once the feature has been enabled. Another excellent feature of the system is the ability to live stream compatible security cameras directly from

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