Can I Disable the Sound of a Honeywell 6150 Keypad?

There is no way to disable all sounds from the 6150 Keypad. However, on Vista Panels, certain keypad sounds can be suppressed through programming. Suppression can be enabled for Arm/Disarm beeps, Entry/Exit beeps, Chime beeps, or for all three. Suppression is enabled per keypad address.

If you want the keypad to be completely silent, it is best to invest in a 6160 Keypad. The 6160 has a speaker instead of a piezo-electric sounder, and the speaker can be unplugged for completely silent operation.

In the table below, all of the options for keypad addresses 17 - 23 on the Vista-15P, 20P and the 21iP panels are shown. Field *190 is where the address 17 keypad options are programmed, field *191 is for address 18, and so on. The options are the same for each keypad. Address 16 is always enabled on partition 1 with no sound suppression on all the panels listed. In this table, options for the Vista-20P and the Vista-21iP are identical.

Keypad 2 Device Address 17

[1] [0]

Program Location *190

Entry 1 Partition/Enable

Entry 2 Sound
(Default Values)

Vista-20P: Enter partition in which the key located where:

For Standard keypad usage:

0 = disable

1 = partition 1

2 = partition 2

Entry 2: Sound

3 = partition 3 (common)

0 = no suppression

1 = suppress arm/disarm and Entry/Exit Beeps

For Remote Services device usage:

2 = suppress chime beeps only

5 = partition 1 (auto-stay arm disabled)

3 = suppress all of the above

6 = partition 2 (auto-stay arm disabled)

7 = partition 3 (auto-stay arm disabled)


For Standard keypad usage:

0 = disable

1 = enable

For Remote Services device usage:

5 = auto-stay arm disabled

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