Can I Set Up Low-Temp & Freeze Detection On a SiXCOMBO?

No, you cannot set up low-temp and freeze detection on a Honeywell SiXCOMBO. The Honeywell SiXCOMBO offers smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide (CO) detection only. You cannot program it for low-temperature detection. There are other options for the Lyric if you need low-temperature monitoring.

Honeywell sixcombo wireless smoke heat and co detector

The Honeywell SiXCOMBO is a combination life-safety sensor for the Honeywell Lyric Controller. It's part of the Honeywell SiX Series Lineup of sensors that utilize 128-bit AES encryption and work only with the Lyric System. Many people consider the Honeywell SiXCOMBO to be the unofficial successor to the Honeywell 5800COMBO, which is part of the Honeywell 5800 Series. The Honeywell 5800COMBO is noticeably more versatile than the SiXCOMBO, as the 5800COMBO will work with nearly any 345 MHz system. But while the SiXCOMBO uses 128-bit encryption for enhanced wireless security, the 5800COMBO is a non-encrypted device. Also, the SiXCOMBO offers One-Go-All-Go, while the 5800COMBO does not.

Since the Honeywell 5800COMBO offers freeze detection as one of its programmable functions (SN #1, Loop #3), many people think that the SiXCOMBO offers similar functionality. But that is not the case. Low-temperature and freeze detection was not retained for the Honeywell SiXCOMBO. The only functions that the Honeywell SiXCOMBO offers are smoke detection, heat detection, and CO detection. Each function is programmable and can be enabled or disabled individually. In other words, it is completely possible to use the SiXCOMBO without setting up all three (3) functions. Check out this helpful FAQ for more information.

If you are looking for a freeze sensor for your Honeywell Lyric Alarm System, then you do have some other options to choose from. Unfortunately, there are currently no encrypted freeze sensors for the system. But there are some non-encrypted options available. The aforementioned Honeywell 5800COMBO can interface with the Lyric and be used for low temperature detection. Other options for low-temperature detection include the Honeywell 5808W3 and the more versatile Honeywell 5821.

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