Can I set WIFI Primary, GSM Backup on my Lyric Gateway?

Yes, the Gateway automatically sets WIFI or Ethernet as the primary communication path and GSM as the backup communication path, when both are enabled.

The Lyric Gateway can communicate to Total Connect 2.0, to Central Station, or to both, over three different communication path options - the unit’s integrated Ethernet jack, or the unit’s integrated WIFI communicator and/or a cellular communicator. The system can use a combination of cellular and either WIFI or Ethernet in a Dual Path configuration. When the Dual Path setup is configured, the system will always use Ethernet or WIFI if available, but if the network fails, it will automatically switch to Cellular.

The Lyric Gateway is Honeywell’s newest all in one system. The system is compatible with two lines of sensors, the new SiX Sensor family and the 5800 wireless sensor family. The system is compatible with all devices from the 5800 sensor family except for those that require a House ID to function. 5800 devices with the House ID feature work as bi-directional devices, but there are only a handful of these types of units - notable examples are the 5828 and 5828V Voice Annunciated Wireless Keypad and the 5800WAVE Wireless Siren. 5800 devices have an operating range of approximately 200 feet and can be supervised for tamper, low battery, and check in.

The SiX Sensors are the newest line of wireless devices from Honeywell. These sensors are fully encrypted, bi-directional devices that must be remotely programmed, and have an operating range of about 300 feet.

If the Gateway is communicating to AlarmNet via WIFI or Ethernet only, and the internet goes down, the system will not be able to transmit a signal out. This means the user will not be able to access the system with Total Connect 2.0, there will be no way to send a notification to the end-user via text or email, and the system will not send alarm signals to Central Station. All of the sensors that are enrolled in the system will continue to operate, as long as the unit has power, and the system will still work, but only by sounding locally. If you’re not within earshot, you won’t know there’s an alarm. With a monitored system, the Gateway can be configured to send a check-in message to AlarmNet every 24 hours, to verify that its connection is good. Each time a message of any kind is sent, this 24 hour timer resets. If the system isn’t able to send a message within the 24 hour window, AlarmNet will notify the alarm company monitoring the system that communication has failed and the appropriate action can be taken.

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