Can I Use A 2GIG GC3 Without

Yes, the 2GIG GC3 Control panel can be used without The system can be armed, and burglary sensors will cause an audible alarm at the premises when activated. Only those within earshot will know that an alarm has occurred. To receive alarm notification while off-site, use

The 2GIG GC3 Control panel has a built-in 85dB Piezo which will sound once a sensor causes an alarm. Without and central station monitoring, though, only those who are within hearing distance of the alarm panel will know that an alarm has occurred. If you are not at home, you could have an alarm without knowing. With no idea that the alarm has been triggered, you could come home to surprise a burglar in the act. This is not a position most people want to be in.

With two options become available. A user can choose to self monitor. This means they have an account which notifies them via text, email, or push notification when any activity occurs on their system. When the alarm user receives notification that activity has occurred, they have the choice to contact the authorities. Having video cameras is helpful in this scenario, as they allow the user to check for unwanted activity prior to notifying the authorities. Some police jurisdictions require verification, either through video, from a security service, or from an alarm user on site, before they will respond.

The second option that becomes available when using is full central station monitoring. In addition to the features included in self monitoring, signals sent to can also be forwarded to a central station monitoring service. There a trained operator follows pre-defined instructions to verify alarms, and dispatch the authorities when needed. Whether choosing self monitoring, or full central station monitoring, a cellular monitoring plan will be required. For Alarm Grid, these are the Gold and Platinum plans. For more information, check out our monitoring plan page.

The 2GIG GC3 requires a cellular communicator to work with The compatible cellular communicators are the 2GIG LTEV-A-GC3 Verizon LTE communicator, the 2GIG 3GA-A-GC3 AT&T 3G communicator, and the 2GIG 3GR-A-GC3, Rogers communicator for Canadian customers.

The app provides users with the ability to control the security system, home automation and video surveillance from any computer, smartphone or iOS device. Users receive notifications via email, push notification, or text message on selected alarm signals or security events.

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