Is LYNX Touch compatible w/ 3rd-party ZWave controller?

The Honeywell LYNX Touch L5200, L5210, and L7000 alarm systems will not speak directly to a third party Z-Wave controller/hub (i.e. Smart things, Wink, Iris, Vera, Homeseer, etc.). This means, you cannot control a LYNX panel from a third party Z-Wave hub app. It also means that alarm system status, or actions cannot be used as trigger points for automated scenes. Honeywell does offer the L5100-ZWAVE controller which can be setup as a secondary (or primary) controller to control the same Z-Wave devices as the existing controller. This means that you can still use the third party hub as your primary controller and keep everything the way you have it.

The secondary controller cannot include devices, so you will have to switch primary control to the LYNX panel. This should auto-learn all the Z-Wave devices to the LYNX from the primary controller. If it does not, you can manually include them. Then shift the controller back to secondary by going into advanced tools in the automation section, and choosing "Pri Controller Shift to Secondary". Once this is done, you can setup scenes, rules and scheduling from the L7000 to automate your Z-Wave devices based on security status and system operations, i.e. arming, alarms, faults, etc.

Essentially there will be two different Z-Wave mesh networks. One that integrates triggers from the alarm system using the L5100-ZWAVE and the other with the third party hub. Honeywell has not offered anyway to directly integrate third party Z-Wave hubs; mainly due to security risks from open-source, free apps. Another benefit of using the L5100-ZWAVE is that it allows you to integrate remote access to your Z-Wave network via Total Connect 2.0.

Total Connect is an app that includes control, status and customizable text/email alerts. TC does not require any port forwarding or potential network security risks. It will require an internet (L5100-WIFI) or cellular (3GL) module with the LYNX panel in order to communicate to the Honeywell Alarmnet server. The communications are secure, reliable and offer a unified platform for both security and automation in one place.

Please note: We offer no contract self monitoring plans such as our self silver plan that includes security and automation monitoring from your own smartphone, tablet and/or computer. You can also look at our Silver plan or higher if interested in central station service as well.

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If you do enroll Z-Wave devices to the Lynx Touch and then use the Z-Wave controller shift function to move the primary controller to the third party automation controller, the idea is you'd still have the Z-Wave devices showing in the Lynx Touch (and any scenes you built in that panel would still operate) but then you'd have normal Z-Wave control of those devices from the 3rd party hub. To clarify, the Lynx Touch won't accept Z-Wave "sensors" and only works with Z-Wave "control devices" (lights, locks, thermostats, etc). Also, the third party hub wouldn't get "cues" from the Lynx Touch with this setup as all it's doing is sharing the Z-Wave devices across the two systems. The Lynx Touch can only accepts inputs from Honeywell 5800 Series RF sensors and can only control the Z-Wave devices that are learned into it (as primary or secondary controller).
If I am reading this correctly ... a third-party hub cannot talk to the Lynx Touch directly, however they can share devices (and know the individual device states) to trigger actions on those Z-Wave devices independent of each other. To do so would require enrolling each Z-Wave device with the third party controller, transferring to the Lynx, and then shifting back? I ask as I am looking to interact my L5210 with a RaZberry v2 (daughter card for a RPi), or rather, the relays that will be enrolled to the hubs. The discussed method I seemed to have stumbled across through browsing the manuals; are there other considerations I should be aware of? Is there a way for a third party hub to take "cues" from the Lynx touch (such as, that the system just armed, or that an alarm is active)?
Yes, unfortunately there is no integration to Alexa with a LYNX Touch system. Honeywell has indicated that the newer Lyric system may eventually offer Alexa support but as of right now, the Lyric also doesn't integrate with Alexa.
I'm running into that right now with my 5100 and zwave wanting to integrate with Alexa.
Did you ever check with Wink to see if they support a secondary controller shift feature so that you don't have to fully reset everything?
Here is my setup: L7000 panel with L5200 zwave module set as 2ndary, Wink controller connected to Echo/Alexa. Everything was happy until one of the in-wall switch relay died (will not respond, will not allow to be excluded). I was able to delete the device from Wink. Since the L7000 is 2ndary, I cant do include/exclude. This article says you should switch the Lynx to primary but I can't find a way to do that on the panel. The option that allowed my to switch from primary to 2ndary is now a blank box/option. The char support says my only option is to reset the panel zwave and start from scratch. So everytime I have to add or remove a device, I have to reset the panel and erase all zwave enrollments, config, scenes? Please confirm before I have to go through a reset.
If you check out the Smart Things forums, you'll see that people have developed some custom TC2/ST integrations.
You will need the L5100-ZWAVE ( ) controller in order control zwave devices on the L5200. Once this is installed you can enroll most Z-wave devices. I would recommend the Honeywell ZWSTAT( ) for thermostats and Yale or Kwikset for locks:
I hope this question hasn't already been answered, but I just installed a complete Honeywell 5200 at my house. Everything for the security, which I am very happy with. I would like to add a thermostat and locks. I do not have any other home automation besides the Honeywell 5200. Will all z wave thermostats and door locks work with the 5200, or only certain ones?
Sterling with his extensive knowledge and kindness is what made me enjoy the Honeywell 5200 and the 7000 that I had since 2012. The units were great in 2012 to now…. but today I would say it is out of date. As you can see at the discussion the units are not compatible with any other Z-wave hub, It is not compatible with Amazon Echo or Google Home, it has z-wave control limitation for appliances etc, and most importantly the automation is no where near as responsive as the current hubs such as Smart Things or vera which is (Free no monthly service like Total Connect). Honeywell needs to realize the limitations and fix it quick before they lose the market. Last week I switched the automation to Samsung Smart Things but I am keeping the Honeywell just for the alarm. I wish I could integrate the alarm with the new Smart Things hub but based on what I am reading it does not look possible. Again, another limitation. If Honeywell fixes the problem... I will definitely go back. Much easier to use all in one.
Exactly what Sterling said. You can setup scenes that are triggered by a security sensor faulting in the form of a rule. However the lyric will not support any z-wave "sensors" nor will it lend status of its security sensors to the third party hub, in your case the WINK.
The Lyric wouldn't accept inputs from any Z-Wave "sensors". It can only control Z-Wave control devices and yes, you could set it up to activate a Z-Wave device (or devices) when an alarm is triggered.
Frank, thanks for the good info. Does the Lyric "partition" the Z-Wave devices and security sensors in a way which would prevent a Z-Wave device or sensor from triggering an alarm? How about the other way, if the Lyric sensor detects smoke/fire, can the Lyric controler be setup to turn on Z-Wave lights or switches?
Yes your understanding of the limitation of security functions on the wink are correct. However you can setup the Tux/Lyric as a secondary controller to the WINK, or vice versa. This means all the same Z-wave devices can be controlled on each controller. Only the primary can include/exclude devices. However you can shift primary and secondary control between the two controllers at any time.
I would like to setup either a tuxedo or Lyric system with several Z-wave devices for HA. I was also looking to install the Wink Relay is several rooms. Is there a way link or setup some sort of primary/secondary relationship between the Tuxedo/Lyric control panel and the Wink Hub so that I can control the Z-Wave devices from both systems? I completely understand that the alarm features would never be available on the Wink side of things.
Yes page 35 details the process and mentions how the devices are already learned into the Primary. If you have excluded the ST from the Tuxedo and have no devices on the ST, it should work. If it doesn't you should ask your company to contact Honeywell for more assistance if they can't help you themselves. We look forward to working with you once your contract is up.
My current company knows nothing about the automation side. They are very good at the security side but even the programming was done the old fashion way through the key pad. I have a contract and as soon as it is up I will switch. When I first setup if there was a problem with TC the tech would call honeywell tech support and only my service company can call honeywell for tech support. What you are saying is exactly what I want to do but it doesn't seem to work. My Tuxedo is set as primary and when I click on the Z-Wave Primary Controller Shift, it says I have to remove all the devices 1st. It won't allow me to shift back and forth. I would rather have the Tuxedo as Primary so that I can still use TC2 but if that is not going to work as long as the scenes will work locally that will suffice. I just found documentation how to make this work. Please advise if this is correct.
Well the whole point of the shift feature is so it will automatically send all the included devices from one controller to another without having to exclude them all and include them all again to the other device. It also gives you access to control the devices from both controller. You should be aware that a Tuxedo set as Secondary Controller will no longer work for TC2 so perhaps the idea of doing the secondary shift isn't your best option. Do you have an existing TC2 account now? If so, you should contact your provider for assistance. If they aren't helpful, please consider switching to us as we have no-contract monitoring options available online at and we'd be happy to offer you further assistance once you switch to us.
So with the ST removed, if I press the Z-Wave Primary Controller Shift the tuxedo tells me to remove all my devices 1st. So do I need to remove all devices, then press Z-Wave Primary Controller Shift and then click learn on my ST hub, it will then join my ST hub as secondary and pull over all the devices? If so that makes sense. If Tuxedo is the secondary controller will I still be able to access everything through the TC app or will I lose this function?
You should exclude the ST from the Tuxedo and then on the Tuxedo press the Z-Wave Primary Controller Shift to Secondary icon and then press the Learn/Function button on the ST and it should shift.
I have a samsung smarthings hub. I have the tuxedo touch. My tuxedo touch is currently my primary controller. I have the ST join as the secondary controller and it is successful. On the tuxedo touch I press the button to switch the tuxedo from primary to secondary and it gives me an error stating I must remove all devices prior to switching the tuxedo to secondary.
What exactly are you doing to push to the secondary controller and what is the secondary controller?
Hi Sterling, I have a tuxedo touch by honeywell. The tuxedo touch will not allow me to push the secondary controller option when I have zwave devices added. It states you must remove all devices to switch the Tuxedo to secondary. So how do I send the device list to the secondary controller?
The LYNX Touch L5210 and L7000 panels do work with most Z-Wave device as long as you have an L5100-ZWAVE module installed. Unfortunately, it's not setup for any Z-Wave garage door controllers that we've seen yet but you can use the 5877 RF relay and a 5822T tilt switch for the remote garage door control feature.
You can program a motion zone to trigger a light to come on, but it won't go off automatically unless you have it programmed off another system/device event.
With the L7000 and z wave controller and my 5800 series motion sensors, can I turn the zwave controllers lights on using the motion like an occupancy sensor?
I am seriously looking at upgrading my L5000 panel to a L5200 or L7000 in order to get a degree of home automation (interested in locks, light switches, garage door). I have seen some of the Honeywell products but want to make smart purchases. I am seeing other companies making z-wave appliances for other systems that look attractive and want to know if I should be looking at them as well. I totally get that the lynx touch can't join another z-wave network for security reasons, but what if I don't have another z-wave network, what if I am only trying to make the lynx touch the center of the universe. Can something like the Iris garage door opener work with the lynx touch? ( I don't want to limit myself to Honeywell if I don't need to. Thanks, -J
I have heard people talk about that but haven't played with it myself. I believe people have referenced some forum on the Smartthings site that details how it works but unfortunately, it's not something we'd be able to support you on.
Thanks. I did some googling and saw that someone wrote and app that would integrate Smart Things with TC. I have not really looked deeper into it. Since Echo works with Smart Things, there may be a round about way. Will be nice if there will be an official and straight forward way in the near future.
At this time, the L7000 has no integration into Amazon Echo and I'm not sure that it ever will. I'm not familiar with which 3rd party automation systems do integrate but I know the LYNX Touch can be used as secondary controller to another home automation system.
Hello - I just got my panel upgraded to the L7000 with the zwave and wifi add-on boards. I also have an Amazon Echo. I am thinking of getting a WS15Z-1 Z-Wave Non-Dimming Wall Switch, for my main area and connect it to the L7000 for scene. It would be great if I can have my Echo control the switch as well. If I want to integrate the echo, should I get a hub like a smart things or wink
The Secondary Controller shift function would be used to send Z-Wave devices learned into the LYNX Touch to a 3rd party system so with your situation, you'd have to exclude them from HomeSeer, include them on the LYNX and then shift all the devices on the LYNX back to the HomeSeer so that the LYNX is a secondary controller to the HomeSeer. You may want to just try it with the locks to start to ensure that's the functionality you are looking for before doing all of the rest of the devices.
We are using the Lynx Touch 5200. Monitored by AlarmGrid. We currently have the Lynx just controlling our 4 locks. Our Hometroller SEL controls all the lights, sensors and more.
What LYNX Touch panel do you have and it is monitored currently?
Hi Sterling Could you go into a little more detail? I use a HomeSeer automation Zwave controller and have been unable to get the Honeywell Zwave mesh to join as you describe above. Do I shift the Homeseer to a secondary controller and tell the Honeywell to "Learn" by pressing the Learn key ? and once that is complete push the "Shift" key to get it to shift back to being a secondary controller? What makes the HomeSeer controller take back to being a Primary controller? A step by Step explanation would be nice.
You can use the WS15Z-1 ( with a WT00Z-1 ( for the 3-way switches. The WS15Z-1 can also be used for the single pole switches. The PS15Z-2 ( is a plug-in appliance module rated up to 15 Amps. Finally, the GD00Z-4 ( is a Z-Wave garage door module.
Hello Sterling.. can you list some of these compatible home automation devices for the L7000.. I need : 1 set of 3way light switches 15amp..2 single pole 15 amp light switches..1 of 15 amp plug receptacle and complete set of garage opener. .i have the My Q chamberlain. .Thank you..
Yes, we addressed that it can't directly connect top a 3rd party system in the first couple lines of the answer but then offered a solution for some integration with the rest of the answer.
I think the OP meant will it interface with another controller like SmartThings.
The LYNX Touch doesn't work with any Z-Wave sensors that would trigger an alarm. It only works to control Z-Wave devices such as lights, locks or thermostats.
can a zwave device added to both the LYNX and the other zwace controller trigger the alarm?

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