Can I add an L5100-ZWAVE & L5100-WIFI to a LYNX Touch?

Yes. The L5100, L5200 and L7000 LYNX Touch alarm panels support both WIFI and Z-Wave modules. They are physically installed on opposite ends of the internal circuit board which makes it possible to use both simultaneously. The L5100-WIFI communicator will connect to your local WIFI network and allows the system to send alarm signals from the panel to Total Connect 2.0 and/or a Central Station monitoring service.

On the other hand, the L5100-ZWAVE module gives the LYNX Touch systems the ability to integrate automation devices such as z-wave lights, locks and thermostats.

The discontinued L5100 and the newly released L5200 both support 4 z-wave door locks, 3 z-wave thermostats and 40 z-wave lights. The more robust L7000 model supports even more automation devices at 6 locks, 4 thermostats and 40 lights. The flash upgradeable L5200 and L7000 support new sunset/sunrise and randomization scheduling features which adds even better automate control to your alarm system. After including your zwave devices, the LYNX panels can be configured with scenes, rules and scheduling. These automated parameters will execute based off any preconfigured trigger such as arming, sensor faults, sunset/sunrise, etc.

Home automation has never been this seamless and easy. No proprietary software or expensive installation or programming needed! Z-wave is the future of open source automation control. Hop into the 21st century with a LYNX Touch and L5100-ZWAVE controller. You will not be disappointed. For $20 per month, we offer a no contract Self-monitoring service which includes remote automation control via Total Connect 2.0. Experience our free demo today.

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