Does a 6290W Have a Built-In Receiver?

No, a 6290W does not have a built-in receiver. This touchscreen keypad is merely used for controlling a Honeywell VISTA System. It does not include a receiver for adding wireless sensors or smart home devices. There are other keypads that you can add to the system for these functions.

The Honeywell Home 6290W provides touchscreen control and a graphic user interface (UI) for a Honeywell VISTA Security System. Many users find that it is more satisfying and easier to use than a standard push-button keypad. Its full-color menus are easy to understand, which can help an end user feel more confident when operating their security system. This makes the 6290W Keypad a worthy addition for many users.

However, the 6290W doesn't really provide much outside of touchscreen control. Remember that a VISTA System comes pretty bare bones out of the box. If you want to start using wireless sensors, then you will need to add a wireless receiver. And if you want to use Z-Wave devices, then you will need to add a Z-Wave controller. That is why many users will want to consider buying a keypad that doubles as a receiver.

If you are in the market for a new keypad, and you want it to double as a receiver, then there are a few options available. One you might consider is a Tuxedo Touch. This is also a touchscreen keypad, just like the 6290W. But a Tuxedo Touch includes a built-in Z-Wave controller so that you can start building a Z-Wave network of smart devices. This network can include useful devices like smart lights, locks, and thermostats.

For VISTA users wanting support for wireless security and life-safety sensors, the Honeywell 6160RF is a great option. This keypad includes a built-in wireless transceiver for supporting Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors. This lineup is very robust, and you can easily build an entire system using these devices. Keep in mind that the 6160RF is not a touchscreen keypad, but rather a traditional push-button keypad. But it is always smart to keep a push-button keypad around, in case you ever need to backdoor into programming.

If you already have a 6290W Keypad and you just want the function of a wireless receiver or Z-Wave controller, then there are a few options available as well. If you just need a wireless receiver, then you might choose a standalone module like a Honeywell 5881ENH or a Honeywell 5883H. If you are looking to add Z-Wave functionality, then you might consider the Honeywell VISTA Automation Module, or VAM.

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