Honeywell 5809 vs 2GIG SMKT2-345

The Honeywell 5809 and the 2GIG SMKT2-345 are both fire-safety devices. They both operate at a wireless frequency of 345 MHz, and they can interface with similar alarm systems. However, the 5809 is strictly for detecting high temperatures, while the SMKT2-345 can respond to smoke or heat.

The 5809 and the SMKT2-345 are both wireless fire-safety devices. They will both alert a security system to the likely presence of a fire. Once activated, the device will send a signal to the alarm system. The system will then perform the programmed response for that wireless zone. For a life-safety sensor, this is often to send a distress signal to a central monitoring station, requesting emergency fire dispatch. The user will need to have a monitoring plan with central station service in order to receive automatic dispatch. If the user only has a self-monitoring plan, they can still receive and email and/or text alert, letting them know about the activated sensor. It will then be up to the end user to contact the fire department. For more information on central station monitoring, please see this blog post.

However, there are also several differences between the 5809 and the SMKT2-345. For one, the 5809 is a heat sensor only, while the SMKT2-345 is smoke and heat sensor. As heat sensors, both devices detect for both fixed temperature and rate of rise. Both the 5809 and the SMKT2-345 will respond to temperatures of 135°F or higher or temperature increases of 15°F or greater within a single minute. But only the SMKT2-345 will respond to the presence of smoke. Additionally, the 5809 is a single-use device that can only be activated once, while the SMKT2-345 can be reused after being triggered. Finally, the SMKT2-345 will only work with the 2GIG GC3, 2GIG GC2 and the Honeywell Lyric Controller. The Honeywell 5809 will work with all of those panels, as well as LYNX Touch Panels and Honeywell VISTA Systems. The SMKT2-345 cannot interface with any Honeywell Panel, except for the Lyric.

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