Honeywell L5200 vs L5100 Security System

The Honeywell LYNX Touch L5200 and the LYNX Touch L5100 are very similar in many ways. However it is their differences that prove that the new and improved L5200 is the true winner for more reasons than one reason. Both alarm panels are all-in-one 4.7 inch graphic touchscreen display keypads that support all Honeywell 5800 series wireless sensors. They both have a single on board wired zone allocated to zone 1 and are equipped with a 95dB siren that is tripped during an alarm. The icon based programming makes setting up both systems very DIY friendly. Let's now get into what separates these two systems. 

The L5200's most prized feature is flash upgradeability! The L5100 does not support firmware or "flash" upgrades. This may not make a big difference now but a few years down the road the L5100 will be in the dark ages technologically speaking and there will be no option but to upgrade your panel. This feature is one that single-handedly makes this panel comparison an easy choice. Furthermore, the L5200 supports more RF zones with 64 vs the L5100's 48 and allows for live video streaming from a Honeywell Alarmnet security camera. This can be very useful for gates or entry doors. You will need the L5100-WIFI module in order to stream video to the L5200. 

All in all, the L5200 is worth the extra money in the long run. The flash upgradeability makes this panel a more sound investment. We all know technology changes overnight so why trap yourself with an alarm system that does not adapt? Check out our wireless security system kits if you are interested in purchasing a new L5200 with 3 x 5811 door/window sensors, a 5800PIR-RES motion detector, a 5834-4 wireless key fob and depending on the kit a L5100-WIFI internet communicator and/or the GSMVLP5-4G cellular communicator. It is important to note that neither the panels a la carte or in a kit include a power cable between the included AC transformer and the panel. You can purchase the LT Cable separately if you would like an 8 foot long prefabricated power cable. It has a male DC plug and 2 spade connectors which make for easy hard rebooting and installation. 

Check out our Youtube videos comparing the L5100 and L5200:

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