Honeywell Vista 15P VS Honeywell Lynx Touch 5200

The Honeywell Vista 15P is an expandable alarm control panel which is ideal for residential installation. The Vista 15P has 6 on board hardwired zones, 16 hardwired expansion zones, totaling 22; 26 wireless expansion zones and 8 independent key fob zones if you are utilizing a 6150RF or 6160RF keypad. The Vista 15P supports 2 graphic touchscreen keypads; the 6280 and the Tuxedo Touch WiFi. Using the Tuxedo Touch WiFi Keypad enables the Vista 15P to have WiFi and Z-Wave capability. The VAM (Vista Automation Module) can also be used for Z-Wave capability. The Vista 15P has two compatible cell communicators; the GSMX4G,the GSMV4G. The Vista 15P can also connect via IP via a hardwired cable with the iGSMV4G which is a Honeywell Dual Path Alarm Monitoring Communicator. The iGSMV4G uses IP communication for the primary path and then switches over to the cell back up if a signal fails. 

The Lynx Touch L5200 is also ideal for residential installation. The Lynx Touch L5200 is a self contained, wireless alarm control panel. This means the panel does not need a separate keypad. The keypad is a 4.7” color graphic touchscreen that is easy to read. A Honeywell IP Camera can be viewed right from your touchscreen. The Lynx Touch L5200 has 1 hard wire zone; 64 wireless zones and 16 dedicated key fob zones. The Lynx Touch L5200 supports wireless bidirectional keypads. The Lynx Touch L5200 when paired with a L5100 Wi-fi module provides WiFi to unit. The L5100 Z-Wave module provide home automation capability through Z-Wave platform. The Lynx Touch L5200 uses the cell communicator GSMVLP5-4G. The Lynx Touch L5200 requires no wire runs which makes it ideal for apartments, condos and homes with little or no attic space.

Both the Vista 15P and the Lynx Touch L5200 are great systems. The Vista 15P is less expensive for a basic system than a Lynx Touch L5200 but is more labor intensive because it is generally used in hardwired applications. Both systems can provide IP connection as well as Z-Wave capabilities, although the L5200 can connect to the internet wirelessly via WIFI. The Vista 15P is a more traditional panel designed for alarm installers vs the Lynx Touch L5200 is more suitable for DIY'ers. Both are reliable, high-quality Honeywell-built panels. Ultimately, it’s really a matter of which you prefer; hardwired or wireless.

When connected by IP or cell communicator Total Connect 2.0 can be used. Total Connect 2.0  will send an email or text message seconds after an alarm event takes place. Arm/disarm the system from any computer, smart phone or IOS device.

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