How do I add a Honeywell 5822T tilt sensor to an L5100?

The Honeywell 5822T tilt sensor is a nifty wireless device that programs into your Honeywell Lynx Touch L5100 alarm panel as a wireless zone. Please see the L5100 garage door zone programming guide for step by step directions. Everything in this article will work with a 5816 as well.

The L5100 has designated zones 46-48 for garage doors that are protected by a 5822T or 5816 sensor. You can program up to three tilt sensors to these zones to use the garage door features. First you must go into zone programming by pressing Tools > entering installer code > Program > Zones. Then edit on of the garage door zones 46-48. Click into the serial number box and auto-enroll the serial number by faulting and restoring the zone 3 times. After the third time you should hear 3 beeps and see the serial number auto-populate. If you are unable to auto enroll, please just manually type in the serial number. Once the 5822T is enrolled choose 'garage door' for device type. You will need to select a response type.

'Garage' response type in zones 46-48 the system sets it as a 'vent zone.' Similar to a window that is set to 'vent', the user is able to arm the system while the garage door is opened without needing to bypass the zone. As soon as the garage door is closed, the zone becomes protected as part of the armed system. This feature allows you to protect your garage without scrambling to exit and close the garage door before your entry/exit delay expires. This is a very cool feature that is only available on the new L5100 revision 6 (all white panel - no grey section).

Also please note that the entry delay uses the time set to entry/exit 2 which can be found in panel programming under system settings. You may want to set to long duration (120 seconds) if you have a man door to the garage set to entry/exit 1 with a shorter delay. This way you can take your time getting out of your car but not grant a burglar the ability to have more time in the home before the alarm.

If you would like to use the sensor simply as an open/close status indicator, without actually activating the alarm, set the response type to 'garage monitor.' The 5822T tilt sensor will report faults and restorals only so that you can know when the door is open or closed. When programming your tilt sensor it is vital to choose the correct loop. Loop 3 is designated to the tilt function. Similar to the Honeywell 5816 door sensor, Loop 1 can be used when connecting a wired contact to the 5822Ts internal screw terminals. This is rarely done due to the placement of the sensor on the garage door but it is possible.

Since you already have the 5822T tilt sensor to report open/close status, why not add a Honeywell 5877 wireless relay so you are able to open and close your door when desired? The 5877 wirelessly receives open and close RF commands. After you wire the relay to your garage door motor in parallel with the existing button you are able to open and close the door at the panel, via Total Connect 2.0 (with automation plan), or a security key fob (Honeywell 5834-4). There is an enrollment process for the 5877 relay and the 5834-4 key fob. Please see our FAQ: How do I program a honeywell 5877 wireless relay to my L5100 Lynx Touch alarm panel?

**Please note: The tilt sensor uses a simple technology that translates a vertical position as closed and a horizontal position as open. Most overhead doors sit horizontally while open and vertically when closed. It is recommended to mount the sensor on the upper panel in order to prevent a door from being partially open without the sensor being tripped. Please see our 5822T install guide for further assistance.

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I suggest reviewing the page for the 5877, the description goes over on how to program these sensors. "The sensor must be programmed to specified garage overhead door zones. These zones are mentioned in the installation manual of each compatible alarm system. For example, zones 127 through 130 are specified as garage door zones. Zone 127 matches to "Garage Door 1" in the automation section. Zone 128 to garage door 2 and so on."
How do I link the 5877 to the 5822t on a Lynx 7000? I purchased both and was able to install both, but the sensor faults and the relay doesn’t line up. The auto-close feature is based on the 5877 being activated to report open and closed, and doesn’t use the 5822t
Glad we were able to help and that you were able to get it programmed properly. Did you see we offer no-contract monitoring plans online at
Figured it out. Needed to change type to Garage Door (duh!). Thanks for the great article.
There is no "Garage Monitor" response type on my 5200 only General Response and Resident Response. Which one should I use too use the sensor as an open/close status indicator and not set off the alarm?
You can open it during the delay, but then you must have it closed again before the end of the delay. The delays will be following the Exit Delay and the Entry Delay 2 timers. If you have it open when you arm, then it's a true "vented" zone and you simply close it once you leave and it will be a protected zone.
Can you open the garage door during the exit delay period or must it be open before initiating Arm-Away?
Is this compatible with the tuxedo touch as far as showing status of garage door??

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