How do I add a Honeywell 748 siren to a L7000 or L5200?

A Honeywell 748 siren is a hardwired dual tone siren designed for indoor and outdoor use.

The Lynx Touch L5200 and L7000 does not have a bell output like a hardwired alarm system to power an external siren.

To add the Honeywell 748 siren to a L7000 or L5200, users would need a wireless relay, 1 panel battery, 1 transformer and 1 power supply.

The wireless relay allows the siren assembly to be installed in a metal cabinet right at the siren location. This makes wire runs between the power supply and the siren easier. There is no need to run a wire back to the panel.

Run a wire from an AC receptacle to the location of the siren. The power supply, battery and the wireless relay can be housed in the metal cabinet. Run a 2 wire run out the of box to the transformer and another 2 wire run to the siren. The rest of the wiring will be made inside the cabinet.

Connect the AC transformer to the AC input on the aux power supply. There is no polarity for this connection. Do not plug in the transformer until all connections have been made and double checked. Connect the DC (+) positive output on the power supply to terminal 7 (AC or DC +) on the relay; then DC (-) negative on the power supply to terminal 8 (AC or DC -). Make a jumper between terminal 8 (DC -) and terminal 2 (NO) on Relay A. Connect terminal 3 (COM) on relay A to the ground (-) on the siren. Connect the DC (+) positive from the power supply to the positive (+) terminal on the siren. Confirm that all connections are solid and check for any shorts.

Connect the battery to the battery leads of the aux power supply matching polarity. Plug in the transformer to an AC power outlet. To enroll the relay to the Lynx Touch panel, follow the instructions of the relay installation guide.

Alarm Grid offers a Lynx-EXT kit which includes a Honeywell's 5800RL wireless relay, a metal panel box, a 1240 battery, a 1361 Transformer, and a AD12612 power supply.

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