How do I add a SIXSMOKE to my Lyric?

The Lyric Controller supports the use of Honeywell’s SiX Series encrypted wireless sensors. The SIXSMOKE is one such sensor, and can be used to detect Smoke, Heat, or both. When programming the SIXSMOKE, Smoke and Heat must be programmed on separate zones. To program, do the following:

Batch Enrollment (Recommended):

  1. Enter programming: Security > Tools > Installer Code (Default = 4112) > Program > Zones > RF6 Batch Start
  2. Press the Test button on each SIXSMOKE
  3. The SIXSMOKE will be enrolled as a Smoke detector in the next available zone, and a Heat detector in the following zone.
  4. Continue with steps 2 and 3 until all SIXSMOKES have been enrolled.
  5. Press RF6 Batch “Stop”
  6. Press each zone learned in, one at a time, then press “Edit”
  7. Edit Zone Descriptions, if desired.
  8. Select the Response Type. “Fire no Verification” is selected by default for both Smoke and Heat. This provides an immediate alarm sound/indication when the smoke or heat zone is activated. “Fire With Verification” is the other option, but is valid for Smoke zones only. Fire with Verification will hold fire alarm signals/sounding for 30 seconds. If after 30 seconds, the smoke detector is still activated, it will then sound the alarm. If any other smoke zone is activated during the 30 second delay, both zones will immediately signal alarm.
  9. Make sure “Alarm Report” is set to “Yes” if reporting to a Central Station.
  10. Make sure “Supervision” is set to “Supervised” if desired
  11. Press the Down arrow, “Supervision Time” should be set to 1 minute.
  12. One Go/All Go should be “Yes” if you want all smokes to sound if any one of them is activated (this is also an option on the Heat detector zones).
  13. Press "Save" then exit programming and test.

If you want to use only Smoke, or only Heat, you can still follow the steps above, then go back to the unwanted zones and delete them once batch enrollment has been completed. You can also enroll each SIXSMOKE individually by following the steps below:

  1. Enter programming: Security > Tools > Installer Code (Default = 4112) > Program > Zones
  2. You can either choose the zone you want to program, highlight it and press "Edit" or choose "Add New" to be taken to the next available zone.
  3. Press "Serial Number". On the lower right, choose RF Type "Smoke" then press the test button on the SIXSMOKE for about 2 seconds. You should hear the Lyric panel give a single beep. Press the test button again for about 2 seconds. You'll hear the panel give you 2 beeps and the serial number/MAC will populate at the top of the screen. Press the test button for 2 more seconds, you'll hear 3 beeps from the Lyric panel, and will be taken back to the zone programming screen. This indicates the serial number/MAC has been learned and confirmed for the zone.
  4. Enter information in Zone Description 1 and Zone Description 2 if desired. Press each button then begin typing the word you wish to use. If the word is in the Lyric's vocabulary, it will pop up, once it does, press "Save". If the word you want is not in the vocabulary, you can still enter it, and it will display as entered, but the Lyric will not be able to speak that descriptor.
  5. In the Device Type field, you can choose either Smoke Detector or Heat Sensor. When choosing Smoke Detector, you can choose either "Fire No Verification", or "Fire With Verification" as the Response Type. See step 8 in Batch Enrollment above for an explanation of the difference between the two. When choosing Heat Sensor as the Device Type, only "Fire No Verification" is available as the Response Type.
  6. Set Alarm Report to "Yes" and Supervision to "Supervised" if desired.
  7. Press the Down arrow at the right side of the screen. Supervision Time (minutes) is automatically set to 1 minute and can't be changed.
  8. "One Go/All Go" means that if one SIXSMOKE activates and begins to sound, all SIXSMOKES on the system will then sound. This option is available for both Smoke Detector and Heat Sensor operation.
  9. Press "Save" then exit programming and test.

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Please make instructions for adding 5800 devices to Lyric, the above instructions do not work for 5800COMBO.

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