How do I add a SIXSMOKE to my Lyric?

To add a SIXSMOKE to the Lyric Controller, enter Programming, press the down arrow and select SiX Programming. Press the Test button on each SIXSMOKE, one at a time. After learning in all the Serial Numbers, highlight each zone and press "Edit". Complete the programming for each device.

The Lyric Controller supports the use of Honeywell’s SiX Series encrypted wireless sensors. The SIXSMOKE is one such sensor, and can be used to detect Smoke, Heat, or both. When programming the SIXSMOKE, Smoke and Heat must be programmed on separate zones. To program, do the following:

Follow these steps to use Batch Enrollment (Recommended):

  1. Enter programming. Press Security > Tools > Installer Code (Default = 4112) > Program > Down Arrow > SIX Programming
  2. Transmit the Serial Number. Press the Test button on each SIXSMOKE. Each SIXSMOKE will be enrolled as a Smoke detector in the next available zone, and a Heat detector in the zone immediately after the smoke. Continue in this manner until all SIXSMOKES have been enrolled.
  3. Edit the zones. Each device learned in will show up on the batch enrollment screen. The zone number(s) associated with that device will be displayed in red at the top of the serial number. Press to highlight the desired device, then press "Edit" at the bottom of the screen. From the edit screen (shown below), you can enable or disable the Smoke or Heat function of each SIXSMOKE, and set whether each will report to central station upon alarm. If you enable "Verify" the Smoke zone will use the Fire W/Verification Response Type. You can also edit the description for the zone(s). One Go/All Go should be enabled if you want all smokes and/or heats to sound if any one of them is activated.

  4. Save and exit. Press "Save" then exit programming and test each SIXSMOKE. You can test the RF transmission path by pressing and releasing the test button on the device. In order to test for proper functionality, a source of real smoke, or canned smoke should be used.

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Checkout the 5800COMBO installation guide: On the bottom right of page one there is an explanation of how to enroll the 5800COMBO to a Lyric system.
Please make instructions for adding 5800 devices to Lyric, the above instructions do not work for 5800COMBO.

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