How Do I Change the Master Code on a Honeywell VISTA 20P?

You can change the Master Code on a Honeywell VISTA 20P by entering the appropriate command on the keypad. To do this, you will need to provide the current Master Code for the system. You can set the code to any 4-digit numeric sequence that has not yet been programmed with the system.

Honeywell vista 20p wired alarm control panel

The Master Code is the main system code for arming and disarming. On a VISTA 20P and most other Honeywell Systems, it is set to 1234 by default. However, nearly all users will want to change this default code for security purposes. The Master Code should not be confused with the system's Installer Code. The Installer Code is used for programming the system and making changes to its settings and configurations. The default Installer Code for a VISTA 20P and most other Honeywell Systems is 4112. Unlike the Master Code, we recommend keeping the Installer Code at the default so that users do not become locked out of programming. However, it is still possible to change the system Installer Code. Remember, an Installer Code can only disarm the system if it was used to arm the system in the first place. Keeping the Installer Code at its default does not present a security risk, as long as you do not use the Installer Code to arm the system.

Keep in mind that the Master Code is the primary code used for arming and disarming. If you want to change the Master Code for your VISTA 20P, complete the following steps:

1. Choose a new code. Before changing the Master Code, you should decide on a new code. It should be a four-digit code that is easy for you to remember, but would be difficult for others to guess. It can be very inconvenient if you lose the Master Code for your system. Likewise, if an intruder figures out your Master Code, then it presents a very severe security risk. So take the time to decide on a perfect code for you. Remember, this exact code must also not be programmed with the system as any other existing code.

2. Apply the code. On a Honeywell VISTA System like a VISTA 20P, the Master Code is always represented in user slot 2. You will use the keypad for the system to change the code. You can use either a Fixed English Keypad, like a Honeywell 6150, or an Alphanumeric Keypad, like a Honeywell 6160, to change the code. Keep in mind you must provide the old Master Code to change it to the new one you decided on in the previous step. To change the code, enter in the following command:

[Current Master Code] + [8] + [02] + [New Master Code] + [New Master Code Again]

The keypad will produce a long tone to confirm that the code has been successfully changed.

3. Test the code. Attempt to arm the system using the following command:

[New Master Code] + [3]

The system should begin to arm. Then try to disarm the system using the following command:

[New Master Code] + [1]

The system should disarm. If you can arm and disarm the system using the new Master Code, then it has been programmed successfully.

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You have to power down the system ,then power it up back press the * and # key within 30 seconds after power up then you will see installer code 20, press * 20 enter new installer code ( four digits ) you will hear 2 beeps that means it accepted code , press * 99 to exit programming,, use this code to create new master code. eg installer code 8 02 new master code, you will hear a tone to confirm it has been accepted . Try arming and disarming the system
If you're locked out of the backdoor as well that means that the previous company locked out the panel and there's no way we can go around that.
I can't change my master code. I bought a house with a 20p system and it's been locked out by the service company which the previous owner had. They changed the installer code. I tried the backdoor and that's locked out as well. Only thing I have access to is the default master code which is 1234. I want to change that to something a little less obvious but doing 1234 8 02 3456 3456 (just an example) doesn't do anything. No beep, nothing. I have tried from both panels downstairs and upstairs. And I have the keypads with the words on it if that makes a difference. Any idea?
Hi Lance. You can make the basement zones 24 Hr Audible assigned to Partition 1, and just bypass them when you don't want that area to be active, then use the garage as partition 2. Hope that helps.
I currently have a Vista 20P panel with a 6160RF and a 6160 keypad with an Envisalink 3 board. I have my main partition on the main floor and second floor levels of the house and a second partition for my basement. The basement stays instant armed just about all times - thus the reasoning for the second partition. I just built a detached garage that I buried power, ethernet and some 18-4 cable. I haven't figured out a good way to configure my system - ideally, I'd like another partition for the garage, but I know that I can't do that with the Vista 20P (only support for 2 partitions). I'd rather not remove the partition on the basement. Can anyone give me any ideas on how I could use my existing equipment (with modifications to support the new building)? I'd like to have the ability to arm and disarm the garage independently from the house. I'm even willing to add another panel in the garage if there is a way to tie it in to the main panel in the house...any ideas?

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