How Do I Program a Wired Zone on a Vista Panel?

To program wired zones on a Vista P-Series Panel, first determine how each zone will be wired. Zone 1 must use a 2000 ohm End of Line resistor, but zones 2 and above have more options. These zones can be Normally Open, Normally Closed or use an EOL resistor. The options are explained below.

When we discuss the Vista P-Series Panels, we're referring to the Vista-15P, Vista-20P, and Vista-21iP panels. On these panels, Zone 1 can be used as a 2-wire smoke zone, which makes it different from other hardwired zones in several ways. This zone is physically isolated from all other hardwired zones. It also has a lower resistance tolerance than the other zones. The zone requires a 2K resistor, and it has a 100 ohm tolerance. Zones 2 - 8 have a 300 ohm tolerance, and the use of the resistor is optional. This is why zone 1 cannot be used for zone-doubling.

To program zones 2 and higher on a Vista P-Series panel, do the following:

  1. Enter Programming. On an Alpha keypad, such as the 6160, or 6160RF, enter Installer Code (default is 4112) + [8] + [00]. You should see "Installer Code 20" on the display. If you don't know the installer code, you can use the backdoor method to enter.
  2. Enter Zone Programming. Once in programming, press [*56]. You may be prompted with "Set to Confirm?" Press [0] for No.
  3. Enter Zone Number. Enter the 2-digit zone number you would like to program (02 and above). Since we're discussing the various options for programming, we won't discuss zone 1, as it doesn't offer some these options. After entering the zone number, press [*]
  4. Move past the summary screen. You'll see a summary screen, showing the current programming for the zone. Press [*] to begin editing the programming.
  5. Enter the proper Zone Type. Based on how the zone will be used, enter the proper zone type. A detailed description of each zone type can be found on page 36 of the programming guide. Press [*] to move to the next prompt.
  6. Enter the partition number, if supported. The Vista-15P will not display this prompt. On the Vista-20P and Vista-21iP, enter the proper partition number for the zone then press [*] to move to the next prompt.
  7. Enter the report code. The report code is entered in hexadecimal format. This means a 10 is entered as [01] + [00]. If you're unsure of what to enter here, check with your monitoring company. Press [*] to continue.
  8. Enter the hardwire type.
    1. 0 = EOL (a 2000 ohm resistor must be wired with the zone)
    2. 1 = Normally Closed (Shorted Zone = Normal, Open Zone = Fault)
    3. 2 = Normally Open (Open Zone = Normal, Shorted Zone = Fault)
    4. 3 = Zone Doubled (20P, 21iP only)
    5. 4 = Double Balanced (20P, 21iP only, see description below) Press [*] to continue.
  9. Enter the response time. Response time refers to how long a device programmed with the zone has to be in the off-normal state before the alarm panel recognizes that it is faulted. The default setting of 350 milliseconds is usually sufficient, but some devices, such as inertia style shock sensors, may require a very fast response time. For these, you'd want to choose the 10 millisecond option. Check the recommended response time setting in the specifications for the device being programmed. Press [*] to continue after you have made your selection.
    1. 0 = 10 mSec
    2. 1 = 350 mSec (default setting)
    3. 2 = 700 mSec
    4. 3 = 1.2 Seconds.
  10. Review the summary screen. You'll now be returned to a summary screen that shows any programming changes you have made for the zone. Verify that the settings are correct, then press [*] to continue.
  11. Program Alpha. You'll be prompted, "Program Alpha? 0=No, 1=Yes". We recommend that alpha programming be done separately using the *82 programming menu.

    Double-balanced logic can be used on burglary zones to provide additional tamper protection. In a double-balanced zone, any resistance of less than 2,000 ohms or more than 20,000 ohms will cause a trouble condition. More than 2,000 Ohms but less than 20,000 ohms will cause a fault. Resistors for one double-balanced zone are included with the Vista-20P and Vista-21iP panels.

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