How do I connect my L7000 to my garage door?

The Honeywell L7000 LYNX Touch security system is capable of opening and closing your garage door; as well as reporting the status of the door. Status and control can be integrated into scenes, rules and schedules if you do any home automation with Z-wave lights, locks or thermostats. The 5877 is a wireless relay that ships with a Z-wave siren strobe for audio-visual warning during remote garage control.

This relay sits up near the garage motor and wirelessly connects back to the L7000. You will need to wire a short 2-wire (18/2 - 22/2) patch cable from the relay to the Common (ground/negative) and either the Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) terminals on the garage motor. If there is an existing wall mounted button to open/close the garage door simply copy these connections (run them in parallel). Trial by error will not damage the motor. It just will not work if mis-wired. Then swap the wiring. After you have the relay wired you can use our FAQ to enroll the 5877 with the LYNX Touch. Although the FAQ is for the L5100 it is the same process.

If you are looking to protect the overhead door from intrusion we recommend using the 5822T wireless tilt sensor. It is a versatile unit that is designed for the varying temps in the garage and there is no magnet required. The 5822T uses the vertical or horizontal positioning of the garage door to report status. Therefore you do not need to mess with magnets and interference issues. If you would like to use a door sensor that is both wired and for overhead doors like a 958, you can hard wire it to a 5816 (internal terminals inside tamper cover) and program the zone to loop 1 (wired loop).

This FAQ will walk you through how to enroll the tilt sensor in the specified zones 45 - 48. You will notice this FAQ was created for the L5100 LYNX Touch (predecessor) which only supported 3 garage doors. The only difference is the L7000 supports 4 doors adding zone 45 to the mix. These zones employ a venting feature that allows you to arm the system when the garage doors are faulted (opened). This allows you to take your time exiting the garage. Also, these zones are automatically mapped to entry delay 2 which can be set to a longer period of time (up to 4 minutes). This will make getting the baby out out of his/her carseat less of a timed chore!

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