How do I disable a long range radio on a VISTA-20P?

To disable the Long Range Radio (LRR) in a Vista alarm system, enter programming. It is best to do this using an alpha keypad, such as the 6160. Once in programming, press [*] [29]. When prompted to enable the IP/GSM, select the option for no. Press [*]. Then press [*] [99] to exit.

Disabling the long range radio will prevent your Honeywell VISTA-20P from being able to communicate via any external AlarmNet IP, GSM or dual path communicator. When a communicator is enabled in panel programming, the panel begins supervising it for several things. These include the connection to the panel on the keypad bus, the connection to the network, whether or not it is registered with AlarmNet, cover tamper and other factors.

By disabling this option in programming field 29, you disable this supervision, which will clear any "Check 103 Lng Range Radio" messages you may have. If the use of a communicator is planned, these steps should only be taken if there is a known, temporary reason for the supervision issue, such as a communicator that is not going to be registered for several days, or an IP communicator in a new house that does not yet have an internet connection available.

To disable this option, perform the following steps:

1. Enter programming. Enter [Installer Code] + [8] + [00]. The default Installer Code is 4112. "Installer Code 20" or "20" should be displayed on the keypad.

2. Enter communicator programming. Enter [*] [29]. If you're using a 6160, a prompt will appear that says "Enable IP/GSM?" "0 = No 1 = Yes". Select [0], then press [*].

If using a fixed English keypad, such as a 6150, the keypad has no way to display this prompt. This is why we recommend using an alpha keypad instead. It is still possible to make this selection. The programming steps are exactly the same, there simply won't be any confirmation that the correct entry has been made until program mode is exited.

3. Exit Programming. After making the entry described in the previous step, on an alpha keypad you will see the prompt "Enter * or #". On a fixed keypad, there may be no prompt at all, or a digit may be displayed. Press [*] [99] to exit programming.

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Did you get into programming and disable the *29 field?
CUT and pasted from above :"Now you should see "installer code 20" or "20" on the keypad display. Then you need to get into the communications menu mode and disable the long range radio. Do this by entering the following sequence: *29 + 0* + 0*. The final '0' exits you out of the communication menu mode but you are still in programming mode. Now you must enter *99 to exit programming completely. By disabling the long range radio you have told the panel to no longer look for an internet or cellular connection. This will also prevent a "check 103 long range radio' keypad trouble from occurring." the above did not work for me, no, that did not work for me. anything else I can try to remove this 103 LngRng?
Glad we were able to help!
Great instructions, exactly what I needed. Thanks for the detailed explanation.

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