How do I enable the receiver in a 6160RF?

The 6160RF is a Honeywell 2-Line 32 Character Alpha Numeric display with a built in High receiver as well as a transceiver. The High receiver will support as many RF zones as the alarm control panel will allow, and the transceiver sends system status to bi-directional wireless devices such as the 5828, 5828V, 5804BD, 5804BDV.

To enable the receiver, power the keypad down and back up, and within 60 seconds, press and hold down the 1 and 3 keys until the display shows CON ADDRESS = ?? (where ?? indicates the current keypad address). This keypad tends to exit program mode after only a few seconds of inactivity, so follow these steps quickly:

1. CON ADDRESS = ?? If the keypad is connected to an alarm system and has been working as a keypad, you can simply press * to go to the next prompt. If not, set an appropriate address for your alarm panel. The Vista-15P and Vista-20P series panels support addresses 16 - 23, the Vista-40, Vista-50P, Vista 128, and Vista 250 version panels support keypad addresses starting at 00

2. RECEIVER ON - Press 1, then *

3. REC ADDRESS - For Vista-10P/15P/20P/21iP panels, enter 00 then press *, for the Vista-128BPT/1250BPT (or other similar addressable panels), it is recommended to set this to 07, then press *. You need to be sure there are no other devices connected to your keypad bus that are set to this address, and you will also need to be sure this device address is enabled as a type 03, RF Expander in the panel's device programming.

4. HIGH SECURITY OFF - Enter 0, then press *. It is very unlikely you want this feature enabled. If you have RF devices that are working, such as doors and motions, but keyfobs that are not working even though all the programming is correct, this is likely the culprit, and I would suggest turning this feature off.

5. DISABLE HS DEV - Enter 0, then press *. You may need to press the * key multiple times to exit the keypad programming.

The display should return to normal system status. At this point, program and test all wireless devices.

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Sorry! But we do have them available, if you need to buy one! :)
You are correct. it is not an RF. I guess that solves that. Thanks. :)
To me, it sounds like you have a 6160, not a 6160RF. Assuming you're following the steps above quickly enough, as soon as you enter your keypad address, then press *, you should see Receiver Enable?. If you're not, I suspect it's because there is no receiver to enable. Have you taken the keypad apart and checked the part number inside? Also, a 6160RF will have an antenna wire on 2 sides, which sticks out a bit past the printed circuit board of the keypad, do you see these?
Newbie here.. I'm trying to clear the "Check 100 RF Receiver" on my Honeywell 6160 RF Panel. I've tried several times to power down and press 1 & 3 to get into programming. I can set the CON address but when I press * I get nothing else. Screen goes blank and goes back to powering up. I'd like to get to additional menus to check the receiver address and to enable it or disable it. Any ideas?
I would imagine that is because you have partitions enabled or at least have the partition display enabled. What system do you have?
My Honeywell 6160 keypad does not display the normal screen itsdisplaying a number one on the upper left corner next to the word disarmed
What was the address before you changed it? Has this keypad ever worked on an alarm system at any address? If so, what address? What alarm panel is this connected to?
Honeywell 6162rf blank screen. Screen is lit up and the red and green leds on the right hand side are both on. I power the unit down, plug it back in hold 1 and 3 and nothing happens. I can not get any combinations of buttons to do anything. Right before it did this I changed the address to 16 i re check all wires and disconnecting the green and yellow will not change anything

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