How Do I Factory Default My Resideo Lyric Controller?

You can factory default your Resideo Lyric Controller by loading one of the Default Configurations for the system. After defaulting the system, the Installer Code will be restored to 4112, all zones will be cleared, the panel time will be reset, and all system settings will be reset.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

When performing a factory default, there are four (4) Default Configurations to choose from. These Default Configurations are very similar, but there are some slight differences. For example, the Default Configurations differ in what shows up in the Event Log (zone bypasses, opens/closes, etc.), the First Report Offset Setting (6 hours or 12 hours), and Report Frequency (Never or 30 Days). For the record, Default Config. 1 is exactly how the panel will behave when it is first taken out of the box. For a complete list of the settings associated with each Default Configuration, please see Programming Default Values starting on Page 41 of the Lyric Programming Guide.

Please note that when you factory default a Lyric System, any encrypted SiX Series Sensors that are enrolled with the system will be released. The SiX Series Sensors must be powered on and within wireless range of the system to receive the signal to know that they are released. This is true for every SiX Seires device, except for the SiXFOB Key Fob. With the SiXFOB, you must make a single input any time after the default has occurred. This is done by pressing any button on the key fob. The input must occur within range of the Lyric System. The Lyric will then tell the SiXFOB that it is no longer enrolled, and that it can be added to a new Lyric Panel. Any SiX Sensor that is not online and/or not within range of the Lyric will need to be defaulted manually so that it knows it's free. The ability to default any of these devices is only available for a limited time once a SiX Series device has been paired with a Lyric. See the linked document for details.

Also note that defaulting a Lyric System will disassociate it with its AlarmNet360 account. The system will re-associate once it connects again. You should not need to manually re-associate the Lyric with AlarmNet360.

If you want to load a Default Configuration and restore your Lyric Security System to default values, complete the following steps:

1. Access programming. Begin from the main screen of the system. Choose Security > Tools > Installer Code (default is 4112) > Program. You have now accessed programming.

2. Choose a Default Configuration. Press the down arrow on the ride side. Select Default Config. Then choose one of the four (4) Default Configurations options. Remember, you can check Page 41 of the Lyric Programming Guide for a complete list of the settings associated with each Default Configuration. Click Yes after selecting the Default Configuration to confirm your selection. The panel will then restore its settings based on the configuration selected.

3. Exit programming. Repeatedly press the return arrow in the upper-right corner of the screen until you are taken back to the main menu. You will need to provide the default Installer Code of 4112 if you want to reenter programming again later.

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