How Do I Reduce the Volume on a Honeywell VISTA 20P?

You cannot reduce the volume on a Honeywell VISTA 20P. This system relies on a keypad for basic chimes and announcements. Only keypads with voice annunciation can have their spoken volume adjusted. Additionally, some keypads make it possible to disconnect the speaker to cut volume entirely.

Honeywell vista 20p wired alarm control panel

The Honeywell VISTA 20P is a hardwired alarm system that relies on an external keypad for basic on-site operation and control. A keypad is also the main outlet for producing chimes and other tones. Unfortunately, most keypads used with a VISTA System do not make it possible to adjust the sound.

A notable exception to this rule are the keypads that use spoken voice annunciation. These include the Honeywell 6150V and the Honeywell 6160V. On these keypads, it is possible to adjust the spoken voice volume. But keep in mind this will only adjust the volume of the keypad, not the volume of the entire system. You can also do this on a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch. The option is found within the Settings Menu of the Tuxedo Touch.

Additionally, some keypads will allow you to disconnect the speaker to mute sounds entirely. This is possible on the 6160-Series Keypads, as they have an actual speaker. But this won't work on the 6150-Series Keypads, as they use piezo-electric sounders. If you don't want your keypad to make regular sounds, getting a 6160 Keypad and disconnecting the speaker is often the best option.

Also remember that most of these systems use sirens to provide loud alerts during alarm events. Siren options are found within system programming. If you don't want to use a siren, then you don't need to connect one.

If you have a keypad with voice annunciation, you can adjust the keypad's voice volume by completing the following steps:

1. Access volume adjustment mode. Press [#] + [2] to enter volume adjustment mode.

2. Adjust the volume. Press [3] to increase the volume by one level. Press [6] to decrease the volume by one level. the keypad will exit volume adjustment mode after making the selection.

3. Keep adjusting the volume. Re-enter volume adjustment mode by pressing [#] + [2]. Then either increase the volume by pressing [3] or decrease the volume by pressing [6]. In other words, you are just repeating Steps 1 and 2. Keep doing this until the volume is set to your liking.

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