How Do I Setup a Hardwired Zone on a Lyric Gateway?

Wired contacts can be used on a Lyric Gateway with the 5800C2W,

The latest all in one panel released by Honeywell is the Lyric Gateway. There are no terminals to land hardwired zones on the Lyric Gateway so a user will need a wired to wireless translator to interface hardwired zones. The 5800C2W has terminals for landing 9 hardwired zones on the unit. It has its own transformer, therefore will require its own backup battery, and provides a 12 volt output to supply power to wired devices that need it, such as motion detectors. Each wired input on the 5800C2W has its own unique serial number, and each number occupies one zone in programming on the Lyric Gateway.

The Gateway is compatible with the 5800 series wireless device line and the SiX Sensor wireless device line. The system supports all 5800 wireless devices except for those that require a House ID to function. Two examples of this are the 5828 wireless keypad/5828V Voice Annunciated wireless keypad and the 5800WAVE wireless siren. Most 5800 devices are not bi-directional, can be supervised for tamper, check in, and low battery, and have an operating range of up to 200 feet.

Additionally, the Gateway is fully compatible with all wireless SiX Series devices. The SiX Series is a new line of sensors that is only compatible with Lyric products at this time. These sensors transmit fully encrypted communication with 128-bit AES technology, have a 300 foot operating range, have security measures to prevent anyone from taking over the device, and are bi-directional. The Lyric Gateway supports up to 8 LKP500 keypads which are part of the SiX Sensor line and share all of the features previously mentioned.

The Gateway is manufactured with a built in WIFI communicator, Ethernet port, and Z-Wave controller. The top of the Gateway opens to reveal expansion bays where a cellular communicator can be easily installed. The system is capable of sending all of its signals over a single path of communication - Ethernet, WIFI or Cellular. The system can also use a combination of Cellular plus Ethernet or WIFI in a Dual Path setup.

The only external siren that is compatible with the Lyric Gateway is the SiXSiren. The system has a built-in 85dB alarm sounder, which can be disabled through programming for testing purposes, It does not support the 5800WAVE wireless siren at this time. The wireless sirens emit 85 dB, and use 4 AA batteries for power. With normal use, the batteries can last up to 5 years before replacement.

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