How Do You Delete a Honeywell Wireless Device?

Remove a Honeywell wireless zone by entering zone programming, setting the zone/response type to 00 or "New". Then confirm that you want to delete the zone when prompted by the alarm panel. Once the zone has been deleted from programming, it can physically be removed from the system.

If you want to remove a Honeywell wireless device that has previously been programmed and installed, you must first delete the sensor from your Honeywell Security System. This will allow you to avoid receiving trouble signals at the keypad and from the monitoring station. To do this, you will need an alphanumeric alarm keypad, like the Honeywell 6160 to access the advanced *56 zone programming menu mode on any Vista Panel.

To delete a wireless zone from a Honeywell Vista series panel perform the following steps:

1. Enter panel programming. Enter Installer Code (default is 4112) + [8] + [00]. If you do not have the Installer Code, you can enter programming using the back door method. When you have successfully entered programming, you should see "Installer Code 20" displayed on the keypad. If you only see the number 20 with no words displayed, this is not an Alpha Keypad. Press *99 and return when you have the proper keypad.

2. Enter zone programming. Press [*] + [56] to enter zone programming. If there are wireless zones on the system you will be prompted "Set to Confirm?" Press [0] for no. At "Enter Zone Number", press the two-digit zone number you wish to delete.

3. Delete the Zone. This will bring you to the summary screen for the zone. Press [*] to move to the zone type field. Change the zone type to 00. The display will show "Zone Disabled". Then press [*]. At the "Delete Zone?" prompt, press [1] for yes. The zone will be deleted, and you will be taken to the next available zone in programming.

4. Exit all programming. At the "Enter Zone Number" prompt, press [00]. This will exit zone programming. Press [*] + [99] to exit panel programming.

The process of deleting a zone from a Lynx Touch or Lyric Security System is more simple. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Enter zone programming. From the home screen, press Security > More (Lynx Touch Only) > Tools > Enter Installer Code (default is 4112) > Program > Zones. This will take you into zone programming.

2. Delete the zone. From the zone screen, highlight the zone you wish to remove. Press the "Delete" button at the bottom of the screen. The display will prompt "Are You Sure?" Select "Yes".

3. Exit Programming. Use the return arrow at the top right of the screen to exit programming and return to the home screen. Make sure to select "Yes" when prompted "Allow Installer to re-enter Programming?" on the Lynx Touch Panels. This will prevent you from being locked out of programming later.

If you wanted to keep the device programmed as a local device, but not have the device trigger alarms to the central station, you can also set the report code for the zone to "00", or select Alarm Report "No" on the All-in-One panels. With the report code disabled, the sensor would still cause a local alarm, but no alarm signals from it would be sent to the central station.

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As explained in the video you make the zone type a 00 it will ask you if you want to delete select 1 for yes then it will show you the next zone number hit 00 * then *99 to exit programming.
Hi I was wondering how I can delete one window from the system
Zone Programming is menu driven on the 15P. This is why you shouldn't attempt to program zones without a 6160 keypad, or possibly a touchscreen keypad (if you know the installer code). Attempting to delete a zone via 6150 can lead you to make some serious mistakes. If you're monitored, your alarm dealer may be able to remotely remove the zone for you. But if you plan to take care of the panel yourself, you really should invest in a 6160 keypad.
I have a 6150 keypad with a Vista 15p. Trying to delete a zone that was assigned to a panic device. Device is lost and system won’t Arm without Bypass. The above says it needs the 6160 to read the instructions on keypad. What do you do for a 6150?
When you enter a zone type of 00, then press *, you should get a prompt of "Delete Zone, Yes or No?" Are you seeing that, and if so, are you saying yes?
I've followed the instruction above and when my system goes into it's scheduled alarm period, it still sees the zone. I have an Ademco 20P keypad 6060V and wireless keypad 5828V. What am I doing wrong?

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