Is 3G Cellular Monitoring Faster Than 2G Monitoring?

Yes, 3G cellular alarm monitoring is faster than 2G. 3G cellular communication is faster because it uses the 3G network, which has more available bandwidth. Upgrading to a 3G module will enable security systems to communicate information at higher speeds, and support larger data capacities.

2G is short for second generation wireless cellular technology, and as of December 31, 2016, is obsolete. Now more companies are utilizing 3G, 4G, and LTE networks to provide communication for alarm systems.

3G indicates the third generation of communications technology. 3G increased bandwidth up to 2 Mbps for fixed applications. The 3G communicators provide a longer service life, due to the fact that the 3G network will continue to be maintained for years to come, and will utilize the network more efficiently. 3G offers faster connectivity, with improved remote services performance. A 3G connection can get Internet speeds anywhere from 400Kbps to more than ten times that.

2G provided the ability to send and receive information in a digital format and at much higher speeds than had ever been achieved with analog technology. 2G was the first generation to send encrypted data over networks. Encrypted data means that it is very difficult for anyone other than the sender or the person receiving the data to intercept the information and make use of it. As our technology advances, eventually 3G will become obsolete, as 2G has, and will be replaced by 4G, LTE, and potentially other technologies that we don't even know about yet.

A few 3G alarm communicators are the Honeywell 3GL (L5200, L5210, L7000 panels) the Honeywell Lyric 3G (Lyric Controller) 2GIG3GA-A-GC3 (2GIG GC3), 2GIG GC3GR-A (Rogers, Canada) and the Telguard TG1 Express (universal cell communicator)

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