Is there a Peripheral Keypad for the DSC Impassa?

Yes, there is a peripheral keypad for the DSC Impassa. Both the WT5500 Keypad and the WTK5504 Keypad can be used in this type of role, These devices will both provide a secondary access point to a DSC Impassa System for arming and disarming. Up to four keypads can be used with an Impassa.

A person will usually add a secondary keypad to their alarm so that they can control their system from a second location. This could include from their back door, by their basement entrance, from their bedroom or more. A second keypad can be particularly useful for larger properties where a user doesn't want to have to walk across the entire building to operate their system. There are two secondary keypad options for the DSC Impassa. These are the WT5500 and the WTK5504. A maximum of four compatible keypads of any combination can be used with the system.

The WT5500 is a push-button keypad for the DSC Impassa. It looks very similar to the system itself, and it provides the same push-button functionality. The device also offers full installer level programming, just like the DSC Impassa itself. However, some users may prefer to use a more colorful and friendlier keypad that provides easier accessibility instead of a touch-button device like the WT5500.

That is where the WTK5504 comes in. The WTK5504 is a full-color touchscreen keypad that provides arming and disarming functions and basic menu options. This device can provide a more pleasing end user experience than the WT5500 and the DSC Impassa itself. But the downside to the WTK5504 is that it does not provide installer programming capabilities.

Please note that both the WT5500 and the WTK5504 will need to be enrolled with the Impassa System before they will function. This is done by putting the system into its wireless enrollment mode and then activating the enrollment function on the keypad. The system should recognize the keypad and learn it in with the system.

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