Honeywell L5210PK-WIFI-LTE-A

Dual Path (AT&T LTE, IP) Wireless Alarm w/ 3 door/window sensors

Honeywell l5210pk wifi 3g dual path 3g ip wireless alarm system

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Kit includes L5210, 3 5811 wireless door/window sensors, 1 5800PIR-RES motion, and a 5834-4 key fob, and an L5100-WIFI communicator, an L5100-WIFI, and a 3GL AT&T communicator. And for an even quicker installation, don’t forget the LT-Cable.
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Never again worry about the reliability of your security system. Complete with cellular communicator, this system provides peace of mind to its users by adding redundant communication pathways. For those worried about the reliability of their WIFI, or in the off-chance that cellular service is disrupted, this dual-path system sports as much security as any one panel can possibly provide.


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