Honeywell L7000PK10-WIFI-LTE-A

Dual Path Security System (AT&T LTE, IP) with 10 Door or Window Sensors

Honeywell l7000pk10 wifi 4g a dual path security system with 10

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This system comes with 1 L7000 wireless security system, 10 5811 door/window sensors, 1 5800PIR-RES motion sensor, an 5834-4 key fob, and a Honeywell L5100-WIFI which is a simple-to-install IP communicator that allows the system to be monitored over the internet, . For those doing a DIY installation, the addition of an LT-Cable will make installation much easier.
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Honeywell’s most advanced panel, with Alarm Grid’s most generously supplied kit. The L7000 is unparalleled in its functionality, and this kit’s sensors make it perfect for big homeowners with big security system ambitions. This is the perfect beginning to the security system and home automation controller of your dreams.

Brand: Honeywell

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If you have three 6150s now, you must have a wired Honeywell system. Do you know where the beige metal alarm cabinet box is located? If you can locate that and open it up, there should be a PROM chip in the center of the green circuit board and it will have a sticker printed with a 'WA' number. If you can provide the full WA number, we can give you the best recommendation on upgrading.
I just purchased a new home which is only a year old and it currently has a hardwired security system which uses 3 Honeywell 6150 keypads. I want to upgrade/change it out and I was considering a switch to the Lynx Touch 7000 or the Tuxedo. Can anyone recommend if one of those is better than the other? They appear to be similar to me other than one being an all-in-one wireless system and the other still requiring a hard wired box. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
The Honeywell IPCAMs listed at are compatible with the L7000 system and with the Total Connect 2.0 service that works with the L7000 system.
Where are the cameras in these systems?
The app is called Total Connect 2.0 and you can find it in the app store on your iOS device. It's a free app to download but you need a username/password which you'll get from us once you sign up for service on our site and get activated.
Thx. Can you link me to the iOS app? I can't find it on that page.
Yes, the system would support Total Connect 2.0 service and we include that service on all of our no-contract plans available at (except for Bronze which is central station service without TC2 service). You can't get control or alerts without some level of monthly service though.
Can I see/control/get alerts via a smartphone app?
The only reason to use a Verizon over AT&T communicator on your L7000, or vise versa, is for cell reception raesons. The features are the same for each, and you can use either cell device with any smart phone, regardless of carrier. The monthly cellular fee is built into the cost of monitoring.
We have Verizon cell service. Is the communicator available for Verizon yet? If not, Can I still use the AT&T communicator if I have Verizon?
No, this system comes with a WIFI module and cellular module so that the system can be be monitored without any phone connection.
Hi, does this need to be plugged in to a phone outlet in order to be monitored by your central station? We don't have a home phone service.
Yes, with a dual path system, the IP path would be the first path tried and as soon as the path is unavailable, the system would know to use the backup cellular path should a signal need to be sent out.
Am I understanding this correctly, A dual path Lynx L7000 sends signals out over wifi internet and then if internet is not sending signals for any reason the signal would be sent over cellular?
Yes, you can use a 5828 ( ) or a 5828V ( ) which is the talking version of the 5828 as a secondary wireless keypad. Unfortunately, you cannot use another LYNX Touch as a secondary controller though as each LYNX Touch is an all-in-one system. If you do choose to get a 5828(V), we recommend powering it via the K0991 ( ) power adapter as the keypad works better when on AC power than on battery power only.
Does this system have the ability to add a second key pad for arming and disarming at another location withing the home?
If you sign up for one of our self monitoring plans at the bottom of our sign up page ( ), you'll be able to arm/disarm from your mobile devices and from a computer log-in. You'll also be able to receive text/email alerts from the system. You won't be able to remotely control the system without some level of monthly service though.
Can I just "self" monitor with arm/disarm via my Android?
Right now the L7000 is compatible with the 3GL communicator that uses AT&T's network. Soon there will be a Verizon/CDMA communicator available as well for the L7000 system.
Honeywell L7000 what cell phone provider does it use ?
You would need to activate the system through a company like us that offers Honeywell/AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 service. I'm not sure the cellular module will work for you in Chile but we can give it a try. Our Self monitoring plans available at would provide you with the service you need. You won't be able to have the system communicate through the WIFI or cellular module without signing up for some level of service though.
Hello, I Live in Chile, I bought L7000 with WIFI and 3G, how cold I monitor with Total Connect, is possible program a Phone number as condom security, how could I Do that, I didn't found how to on manuals. When I try to. On Comm Diagnosis I can't register the devices showing "Registering-Getting Config File" and then "Registation Failed- Timed Out"....
No, but if you plan to get one of our no-contract monitoring plans at, we'd be happy to send you a free sign once you are activated for service.
Does this include a yard sign.
The only compatible wired relay that I am aware of the Altronix RBSNTTL - However I am not sure this will work with your electric door. Check the specs in the description and cross check with that of the electric door.
It does exist any relay for Linx system? Or z-wave
No, that device is not compatible with a LYNX Touch panel. That is a V-Plex device that only works with the higher end systems like the VISTA-128BPT. Did you look at the 5877 -
Hello, relay module 4101SN does it works with Linx 7000 or any other?. I need to opening an electric door.
Honeywell recently revised the name on the 4GL communicator to be 3GL. The 4GL part number has been discontinued but our kits still have the 4G in the part name. Both communicators are exactly the same, just different names. I hope this clears things up for you but let us know if you have any other questions.
The title says 4G cellular but the details say 3G. Which one is supplied with this kit? I'm ready to order and just need to resolve this question. Thanks!! Scott
Tom, Yes, all the Lynx panels, whether in a kit or sold separately, come with a backup battery and a transformer. It's considered a sub-assembly part to the L7000, which is why it's not mentioned separately.
Does this come with a backup battery? I see it in the picture, but no mention of it in the description.
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