Can WIFI be Primary and GSM Backup on an L7000?

Yes, WIFI can be primary, and GSMcan be backup on an L7000. The Honeywell L7000 LYNX Touch alarm system does support WIFI (IP) as a primary communication path and GSM (Cellular) as a secondary backup. The L7000 does not have a built-in phone line like the previous LYNX panels. So you will need to pick up alarm communicators like the L5100-WIFI communicator and/or the 4GL GSM module if you would like to monitor your alarm system with a central station or self-monitor. The ILP5 ethernet communicator uses the same port on the L7000 mother board so there is no way to do dual path monitoring with wired ethernet.

The L5100-WIFI module is a small card that slides directly into the L7000 control panel. This unit allows the L7000 to send signals at speeds of up to 54Mbps via your local WIFI network. By the given nature of internet vs. cellular speeds, the L5100-WIFI makes remote access and text/email alerts from Total Connect 2.0 smooth and seamless. This unit also allows you to stream local AlarmNet video cameras directly to the touchscreen of the L7000. You will need a WPS router to do this.

The only downside to WIFI communication is the inconsistency of the connection. Anyone familiar with IT knows that there are several factors that can disturb an internet connection especially in a residential environment. Power loss to your modem or router, IP conflicts and ISP outages make cellular communication a more reliable form of transmission.

The 4GL cellular communicator is a brand, new module designed specifically for the L7000. The older GSMVLP5-4G was a solid unit but we found that signal readings are much higher across the board with the newer 4GL unit. Dual path monitoring will position this device as the secondary path. This way if the WIFI ever goes out the 4GL will takeover after 30 seconds or 2 attempts which ever is quicker.

The 4GL will be activated with AT&T by your AlarmNet dealer during the activation of your monitoring service. This prevents you from dealing with AT&T and keeps all monthly billing with your alarm company.

Our system kits, such as the L7000PK-WIFI-4G and the L7000PK10-WIFI-4G, are great foundations to building a new wireless security system. They include the L7000 panel which includes the backup battery (4-8 hours), AC transformer and integrated alarm siren (95dB), 1 x 5800PIR-RES, 5811 wafer-thin door/window sensors (3 in the L7000PKs and 10 in the L7000PK10s), 1 x 5834-4 wireless key fob (~200 ft range), and of course the L5100-WIFI and 4GL communicators. The kits do not include a power cable from the transformer to the panel. You can use your own custom 2-wire cabling (18-22 gauge) or you can purchase the LT Cable separately.

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Hello again. This is a follow up to the above post. The improvement in wifi signal strength with the 2.4 guest band configuration was short-lived. It lasted for about 20 min, and then dropped to 1 bar. The wifi signal now fluctuates between 1 and 2 bars. I have disconnected all other 2.4 devices and still the same problem. The RSSI signal scan displays a very strong 2.4 signal. I have repeated the RSSI scan and noticed that the alarm panel is connected to two 2.4 bands simultaneously, a strong signal and a weak signal, presumably from the upstairs power line wifi extender. Plugging of the wifi extender did not solve the weak wifi signal problem. Please, Do you have any advice on how to get the wifi signal strength higher. Incidentally the alarm panel is 7 feet from a top-of-the-line Arris Surfboard-10 FC router. I am currently on wifi monitoring only and is considering central monitoring.
We are glad to hear our suggestion was helpful. Did you also notice we offer no-contact monitoring services online at ? We fully support the L7000 and it would be an easy process to switch to us if we can save you money or provide better support than your existing company.
Thank you so very much for advice utilizing the guest 2.4G network. It solved a fluctuating wifi signal strength issue on the L7000.
Thank you so much for checking!
We got an answer back from them and they confirmed that as soon as the panel can detect that the WIFI is down (or as soon as a signal is sent out via WIFI and not received), it will switch to using the backup cellular path.
I have an email out to Honeywell to get the specifics on how it works but we've never seen or heard of delays in getting the cellular alarm out if/when the internet is down.
Thanks! What if there is a wifi signal but your cable modem is dead? Will the panel keep trying to communicate or how quickly will it see this isn't working and use cellular? Is this process the same with the new Lyric panel?
The language about the 2 attempts isn't correct as the panel can instantly recognize that it doesn't have WIFI and then switch to using cellular instead. I would suggest adding the L5100-WIFI card to improve the speed of your TC2 commands and I don't think you'd lose any speed in sending out an alarm should the WIFI be down if you do add the WIFI path.
@sterlingdonnelly:disqus I'm curious if you know how long the "2 attempts" might take? My Lynx panel takes forever to disarm from my cellphone, and I assume adding wifi would be faster. My concern is that if the internet is cut, the panel lose a lot of time trying to send data, seeing a wifi signal, not realizing the internet is out.
The L7000 doesn't support 5 GHz networks so it will use the slower 2.4 GHz which can sometimes affect the speeds of other devices on your network depending on your router configuration. If you contact your monitoring company (I don't see that your email is associated with any accounts with us) they should be able to offer some help on getting that fixed for you as there are ways to setup the network so that the slower 2.4 GHz devices don't slow down the entire network. Setting up a guest network on the 2.4 GHz range and assigning the panel to that network would be the easiest fix.
After installing the Lynx 7000, I've noticed that the internet speed isn't as quick as it used to be. I have an app on my iphone to view cameras I installed previously (nothing to do with Lynx) and it lags after the Lynx installation. Cameras are connected hardwire and the DVR is connected to a static IP. Any feedback regarding Lynx slowing down internet?
You should contact them and provide them with the MAC/CRC numbers from your L5100-WIFI module. You should also take a look at our no-contract plans to see if you could save money by switching to us -
I currently have a Lynx L5200 touch unit currently monitored through a local company using the 4GL GSM module. I have Total Connect 2.0 access as well. I was thinking of adding on the L5100-WIFI module, and other than installation and connecting the module to WiFi, do I need to do anything else on my end or contact my alarm provider to do anything?
I wish you had called us with your WIFI issue, I'm confident we could have helped you get it connected properly. Had you bought it from us, we would have gladly sent you a new one as well if yours was really broken. As for the GSM monitoring, because there are SIM card data charges involved, there is a premium for that type of monitoring but it's much more secure than relying on your home's security through a WIFI connection only. What happens if your internet goes down? As for why Honeywell thermostats use the free Total Connect Comfort app while the Honeywell systems use the Total connect 2.0 app which requires monthly fees, it's all about the difference between comfort and security. There's a lot less liability and setup involved to control your thermostat. When you are controlling your alarm system and receiving alerts from the system, the service has to be even more fool proof and reliable and therefore there are costs involved. When alarms would dial directly into the police department, there were a vast number of false alarms. In most areas, police don't even allow a system to dial in directly because they understand the value of a central station being involved to help verify the alarm before dispatching. In fact, police respond much differently to a call from a central station than they would if you called them and said your alarm texted you that there was an event. When you compare an immediate dispatch to a general All Points Bulletin (APB), it's easy to see why there is value in actual monitoring service. We understand not everyone needs a monitored system and we are here to help people understand the differences between an IP based system that can send you alerts and a true professional, monitored security system so that everyone can choose the right equipment for their homes or businesses.
I propose that everyone stops wasting their money on systems that dont give you what you need or require subscriptions. The GE Smart Hub will allow you to control compatible lights, locks, thermostats, cameras, alarm, motion sensors, and numerous other devices through the home wifi and can be controlled via smart phone from anywhere for free. I purchased a Honeywell l7000 with $400 worth of additional equipment only to find out the wifi card quit working 30 minutes after installation and the GSM requires a monthly subscription that increases in price for each sensor or camera you add. Two weeks prior I had purchased two Honeywell wifi thermostats. Both thermostats can be remotely controlled from anywhere on the planet for free! I just dont get how one Honeywell device can be self controlled for free while another requires a monthly payment to someone who only makes a call to the police when the alarm system alerts them. The damm alarm should just give the option to skip the middle man and alert the home owner to make the call for police. SwannDVR offers free video surveillance for 24 camera systems that are entirely controlled from a remote location or smart phone. Please take a look at your competitors before getting left in the dust with the 8 track industry.

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