The 2GIG TAKE-345 is a standalone wired to wireless converter, while the 2GIG TAKE-KIT1 is a bundled kit that includes the same module and the necessary power supply. If you are upgrading to a wireless system from an existing wired panel, then you may not need the complete 2GIG TAKE-KIT1.

When a user gets a new wireless system, they may have existing hardwired sensors. Rather than throw these sensors away, they can use them with their new wireless system by using a wired to wireless converter. A wired to wireless converter is a module that hardwired sensors connect with directly, much like they would a hardwired alarm control panel. The converter then sends out a wireless signal on the behalf of the sensors so that they can communicate with the wireless system. A maximum of eight hardwired sensors can connect with the TAKE-345.

The idea behind the 2GIG TAKE-KIT1 is that it includes all the accessories needed to support the 2GIG TAKE-345 Wired to Wireless Converter Module. In addition to the module itself, the TAKE-KIT1 also includes an auxiliary power supply, a plug-in 16.5VAC 50VA transformer and an ABS plastic enclosure. If a user does not have an existing hardwired system, then it is likely that they do not have all the required equipment. In that case, getting the 2GIG TAKE-KIT1 makes sense, as it includes everything they need.

On the other hand, if a user has an existing hardwired system, then they may already have everything they need to support the standalone 2GIG TAKE-345, without the need for the complete 2GIG TAKE-KIT1. The 2GIG TAKE-345 module can actually connect with an existing hardwired system and feed off its 12VDC power supply. It can then be placed outside an existing metal enclosure for maximum wireless signal range. By getting the standalone module, a user can save money by not having to get the complete kit.

Please note that the user will also need a backup battery to keep the 2GIG TAKE-345 running when the power is out. The TAKE-KIT1 does not include a backup battery. A good backup battery to use is the UltraTech 1240. If you are upgrading from an existing system, then you may already have a backup battery to use. Also note that the signals sent out from the TAKE-345 are sent at the same frequency as the 2GIG 345 MHz Sensors. This means that the hardwired sensors used with the 2GIG TAKE-345 will be compatible with the 2GIG GC2, 2GIG GC3 and Honeywell Lyric Controller running firmware update MR3 or higher.

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