2GIG Vs. Honeywell

Two of the biggest manufacturers of alarm systems are 2GIG and Honeywell. Alarm Grid provides support for both of their systems, and we strongly recommend their products to our customers. However, choosing between these two outstanding companies can be a difficult decision for some users.

Between the two companies, Honeywell is definitely the more experienced. Honeywell has been one of the biggest names in the security industry for decades. It is a very large company, and it is often the first alarm system manufacturer that a person will think of. Honeywell has continuously released tremendous security systems throughout the years, and they have several panels on the market for a user to choose from. This can provide some users with comfort in knowing that they are going with a trusted company.

Honeywell's flagship panel, the Lyric Controller, has all the functions and features one would expect out of a modern system. It is a tough and durable panel that is excellent for use with a security setup. The panel comes WIFI and Z-Wave ready, and a Lyric cellular communicator can be added with relative ease. It also can interface with its very own lineup of encrypted wireless security devices, known as the Honeywell SiX Series Sensors. Honeywell also produces a series of wired systems, called VISTA Panels. Additionally, their wireless LYNX Touch Panels are also still going strong.

The one downside to Honeywell is that their interactive service platform, Total Connect, has been very slow to interface with most smart home voice assistants. This means that Honeywell isn't necessarily the best company to choose if you frequently use services like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. In fact, the only voice assistant that currently works with the Lyric Controller is Apple HomeKit. Still, the overall experience and expertise of Honeywell simply can't be beat.

Meanwhile, 2GIG is still a relatively new company, having been founded in 2007. The company was founded when two Honeywell employees decided that they could break away and make their own systems. With just "2 Guys In a Garage" (hence the name, 2GIG), they ventured out on their own. The company is still going strong today. That said, they are much smaller than Honeywell, and they don't come close in terms of experience.

But that doesn't mean 2GIG should be easily overlooked. Their flagship panel, the 2GIG GC3, is outstanding, and it can do anything one would expect out of a modern system. The panel can connect to the internet and control Z-Wave home automation devices with no add-ons required. Plus a cellular communicator is very easy to install. The menus are bright and easy to navigate, making the system an absolute joy to use. However, the process for enrolling new sensors is a little bit more involved than most other modern panels. Also, there are currently no encrypted sensors that are compatible with the GC3 System.

On the plus side, the GC3 is better-suited for smart home assistants than the Lyric Controller. This is because the interactive service platform for 2GIG Panels, Alarm.com, has been much quicker to embrace the smart home revolution than Honeywell's Total Connect service. Both the 2GIG GC3 and GC2 can be controlled using Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

In the end, the choice between 2GIG and Honeywell comes down to personal preference. If you care more about the company's year's of experience and the ability to use encrypted sensors, then we recommend Honeywell. But if you care more about being able to use a smart home voice assistant to control your security system, then 2GIG is the better option.

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