Are There Security Systems Better Than a Honeywell L5200 Alarm System?

Yes, there are security systems better than a Honeywell L5200 Alarm System. The Honeywell L5210 and Honeywell L7000 Systems are also part of the LYNX Touch Series, and they are more robust than the L5200 in nearly every aspect. Even then, the Lyric Controller is seen as superior to these.

Honeywell l5200 lynx touch wireless home security system and alarm control panel

If you already have an L5200 that is set up with active monitoring service, then there may be little reason to replace it. With the right support and updates, the L5200 can do almost anything that a newer alarm system can accomplish. And as of November 2019, the L5200 can be updated using the LYNXTOUCH-MSD Firmware Updater Tool. This will allow it to support an LTE communicator. After doing this, AlarmNet will recognize the L5200 as an L5210 System. More information is available here.

But the Honeywell L5200 isn't the only LYNX Touch Panel with LTE options. The Honeywell L5200, Honeywell L5210, and Honeywell L7000 all have compatible LTE communicators available. All of these systems can support the LTE-L57A for connecting with the AT&T LTE Network, as well as the LTE-L57V for connecting with the Verizon LTE Network. These communicators will offer faster speeds and greater reliability when compared with older 3G networks. Since LTE Networks will remain in service longer than less advanced networks, going with LTE is always advised. Please note that a LYNX Touch System must be running Firmware Revision 9.00.209 or higher to support the LTE-L57A, and Firmware Revision 9.00.201 or higher to support the LTE-L57V.

The L7000 can also support more wireless zones than both the L5200 and the L5210, which can only support 63 wireless zones. The L7000 is capable of supporting up to 79 wireless zones. The L5200 is also inferior to the L7000 in terms of supported User Codes and Key Fob Zones. For reference, both the L5200 and L5210 can support 32 User Codes and 16 Key Fob Zones. The L7000 can support 48 User Codes and 24 Key Fob Zones.

Meanwhile, the L7000 is not even the most advanced wireless system offered from Honeywell. That distinction would actually go to the Honeywell Lyric Controller, which is also seen as superior to the L5200. The Lyric supports the most wireless zones (128), the most key fob zones (32) and the same number of User Codes as the L7000 (48). It is the only one of these systems that can support Apple HomeKit and the encrypted Honeywell SiX Series Sensors. The Lyric is also the only one to support Z-Wave and WIFI right out of the box. For more information on why the Lyric is better than the LYNX Touch Systems, please review this FAQ.

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