Can I Install a Lyric Gateway Myself and Still Get Monitoring?

Yes, you are able to install a Lyric Gateway yourself and still get monitoring.

The Honeywell Lyric Gateway is the newest all-in-one wireless panel. The Gateway is compatible with all 5800 series wireless devices, except those that require a House ID, such as the 5828/5828V, 5800WAVE, and 5800RL. The Lyric Gateway is also fully compatible with Honeywell’s newest line of sensors, the SiX Series. The SiX Series devices are bi-directional, fully encrypted, wireless sensors with an operating range of up to 300 feet. The Gateway is also compatible with the LKP500 wireless keypad, and can support up to (8) units mapped to the system at one time. These keypads fall under the SiX Series device family, and are currently only compatible with the Lyric Gateway and the Lyric Controller. The unit ships with a built in Ethernet or WIFI communicator, as well as a Z-Wave controller. The IP / WIFI communicator is capable of transmitting all system communication. Or, for enhanced security, the system can also have a Cellular module installed. The Cellular module can be used as the sole form of communication, or in combination with the Ethernet or WIFI communicator in a Dual Path system. Dual Path is more secure, as it avoids a ‘single point of failure’ scenario. If the WIFI or Ethernet communication path fails, the system will automatically switch to the Cellular path.

The Gateway itself is extremely easy to install. It can be wall mounted, or placed on a flat surface with the included kickstand, and has a 110 Volt AC to 9 volt DC, 2.5 Amp Plug-in power supply. The Gateway can use Ethernet or WIFI and/or Cellular for its communication method. To configure the unit, a user will need to download the free MyHome Gateway app onto an Android or iOS smart device. As the system has limited control through the touch screen, the app is used for configuring and adjusting system settings, including Users, Automation, and Video. Through this app a user can configure the WIFI connection for the unit. For details on connecting the app to the Lyric Gateway, click here.

The only system programming an end user has access to with the Lyric Gateway are the options available through the MyHome Gateway app. To program zones, change delay timers, adjust communication options, and any other Installer level programming, access to AlarmNet 360 is required, which is only available through an Alarm Dealer, and requires an account, for monitoring. AlarmNet 360 is currently the only platform available to program these panels.

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If you sign up for monitoring service we will be able to remotely program your system using the AlarmNet 360 platform. It is not something that we are able to offer to our customers. You can sign up for a self monitoring plan here and we can offer unlimited programming assistance:
If I purchase the system through you will I have access to the advanced programming functions on AlarmNet 360?
You would just press the Security tab and then choose Arm Away or Arm Stay and then enter your valid 4-digit Master Code. Once you activate service, the 950 Comm Error will go away.
How do I arm the system, once installed, without any outside monitoring? Everything is installed and ready, but I'm stuck on a "950 Comm Error". It reads the system is "Ready to Arm-System Trouble" at the top of the screen.

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