Honeywell L7000PK-WIFI-3G

Dual Path Wireless Security System

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This kit comes with 1 L7000 wireless security system, 3 5800MINI door and window sensors, 1 5800PIR-RES pet-immune infra-red motion sensor, 1 5834-4 key fob, 1 3GL which is a wireless cellular (GSM) communicator, and an L5100-WIFI which is a wireless IP communicator. The combination of these communicators gives this installation dual path capabilities - this redundancy allows the systems to use both IP and GSM for those looking for the most security out of their system. For those doing a DIY installation, the LT-Cable will make installation much easier.
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While the LTE cellular communication path is regarded as the most secure, there is no beating the redundant communication provided by adding both a cellular and an IP communicator to a system. For those who want the most reliable system on the market, this system comes complete with two different communicators in case the other pathway goes down. Now this kit comes equipped with the industry's slimmest door/window sensor, the Honeywell 5800MINI!

Brand: Honeywell

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It does not. You can purchase the L5100-ZWAVE module separately if you want: I recommend checking out the LyricPK-AT: This is a newer system with integrated WIFI and Z-Wave. You can check out some videos on the Lyric here:
Does this package come with the Z-Wave module?
Thank you Sterling. That is good to know and helpful.
The only cameras supported by the panel are the Honeywell IPCAMs listed at You'll be able to view the cameras from the panel as long as the panel and cameras are both connected to the same internet connection. With the right monitoring plan (Self Platinum or Platinum), you'd also be able to view the cameras from your Total Connect 2.0 account and you can set them up to auto record 10 second video clips whenever a change in pixelation in the field of view is detected.
Yes. I am fortunate to have 5m broadband. Ideally I want to have a single source to view the security of my property and that includes cameras. The L7000 says it does video, but it is very unclear what cameras are compatible. I am in possession of the Honeywell L7000 kit and will be installing it in the coming months or sooner. I'm just trying to plan ahead.
Will you have internet at the farm because the cameras do require an Ethernet or wireless WPS connection to a router with broadband internet service?
I'm interested in remote viewing and monitoring via an app. Since I'm not at the property (it's a farm), it would be convenient to be able to access the video.
Are you interested in viewing cameras only on the L7000 screen, or do you plan to use Total Connect 2.0 with these as well? Honeywell is in the process of changing some things with the video setup in Total Connect, and the cameras that are compatible with it, are going to be somewhat limited.
My father in law purchased a L7000 kit from you folks and I will be installing and activating it at my farm in the next 2 months. What cameras are compatible with this system? I'm looking for 1 indoor and 1 outdoor? Thank you
Yes the L7000 supports the 5890PI and all other 5800 series Honeywell devices.
can I use the ADEMCO 5890PI Motion Sensor with the L7000?
No. The L7000 has an integrated RF receiver already. You can setup the 5800RP wireless repeater if you are looking to boost RF signal: Check out our FAQ here:
Hi; I have L7000, i´ll like to know if "Honeywell Ademco 5881enh Wireless Receiver" can work with???. I have problems with sensors that are so far to the main panel my e mail
Yes, we only sell new equipment.
Is this kit the one that has the Updated 2015 Model with Newest Firmware and Software I have seen some kits with and some without this update. Thank you!
The L5100 was the first of the Lynx Touch series panels to support WIFI. The L5000 only supports the ILP5 ( ) which is a hardwired ethernet communicator. If you can get a cable to your router or an ethernet bridge you can use the internet to communicate with your L5000. Otherwise you can upgrade to an L5210, L7000 or Lyric Controller which all support WIFI. Your peripheral sensors will work with the newer systems.
I have a Honeywell L5000 Lynx Touch panel with dial-up communication - can I upgrade it to WiFi and can iy be monitored and remotely disarmed if I do? Thanks
If you email with your zip code and the list of items you'll need installed, we can certainly try and find you someone. Otherwise, we specialize in helping you put in a system like this yourself with our free technical support and YouTube videos.
Do you know anyone in the Phoenix, AZ area that could install this system if I purchased it?
Interesting. Thank you.
You can't use the WIFI or cellular module for making phone calls out from the panel and the L7000 panel doesn't support a regular phone line. However, the L5210 system does support a regular phone line and has a Follow Me feature that you can use to have the panel dial out through a regular analog phone line to a number you program to the panel. You can have it setup to call up to two numbers.
Is it possible for this system to call my cellphone for an alarm without having any kind of a monitored plan? Can it be setup to call multiple numbers?
No, but you can add one for $24.99 -
This kit doesn't include Z-wave module?
This FAQ - should help.
I am setting up a new l7000. When I arm in "arm away" mode it reverts and arms in "arm stay" mode. What am I doing wrong?
I'd encourage you to watch our video series at on the C2W so you have an idea of what the project entails.
Great, Can I do the installation myself. What else would I need in addition to the 5800C2W and the L7000. I want to have the ability to maybe add monitoring later. Thanks for your help!!
The 5800C2W ( ) allows you to integrate 9 wired zones and turn them into wireless zones that could be programmed into an L7000. You can use multiple C2Ws if you have more than 9 wired zones currently.
I have an older alarm system I need upgraded everything is hardwired but I want use the insisting configuration. But I want to upgrade to the Honeywell L7000 and be able to add wireless products to it. Will this one work for me. I want to self monitor for now.
We recommend using the 5800WAVE: but yes, you can disconnect the siren on the LYNX Touch if you don't want the main panel to make any noise and use an external siren for the actual alarm noises. You will lose the panel's ability to talk by doing this though.
Can you turn off the alarm on the control panel and use a zwave alarm elsewhere to help prevent smashing?
Yes, we offer self monitoring plans online at The LYNX Touch system will also work without monitoring but there's no reason to buy a kit with a L5100-WIFI module and a 3GL cellular module unless you plan to sign up for some level of service.
can i just install it and monitor my self?
Can i just buy the system with camera and install it my self?
The honeywell 5828 ( ) and the 5828V ( ) fixed english keypads can be used with the L7000. We recommend using these keypads with the K0991 transformer ( ). You can also use a 5834-4 wireless key fob ( ).
What sub panels can be used with the L7000 for another point of deactivation?
Unfortunately, the panel uses the same connector for the cellular unit and the hardwired Ethernet unit (the ILP5). Therefore, if you want dual path, WIFI and cellular is the only option. The cellular unit comes with an AT&T SIM card that will be activated by your monitoring company. Most companies, along with us, roll the price of the cellular data into the monthly monitoring rate. Our Gold and Platinum plans at will include cellular service.
What is the option for dual path Ethernet (wired) and cellular? Also can I get it configured cellular for Verizon or any carrier I want?
Unfortunately, these kits are shipped directly from Honeywell in sealed boxes so we are unable to swap in different parts.
Can I exchange parts in a system? - for example, I'd like to use the recessed door sensors instead of the ones that it brings
Correct, just make sure to check off the Cellular Communications box on whichever plan you choose at
so if I go thru alarm grid, you guys will pay the cell charges, correct?
You don't need to get service from AT&T. Whoever you activate your monitoring with will handle activating the SIM and they will be paying Honeywell for the data charges.
what type of service would I be getting from AT&T and does anyone about how it would be?
If AT&T is working on your cell tower the one day you have a real alarm event, you will be kicking yourself for not spending the extra money to get WIFI & cellular communications. Also, WIFI remote commands are usually processed slightly faster than GSM commands. Aside from that, GSM is the most reliable path so you can certainly choose a cellular only system.
I'm kind of there a reason to get a dual-path system when a 4G only system just will do everything and not need to even rely on whether WiFi is working or not?
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