How Do I Add Z-Wave Compatibility To A 2GIG GC3?

The video below demonstrates how to enroll a Z-Wave device into the 2GIG GC3

The 2GIG GC3 is a wireless self contained alarm system and home automation controller.

Just like the 2GIG Go Control! Panel, the 2GIG CG3 has an integrated Z-Wave module so there is no need to install a separate piece of equipment.

To add a Z-Wave device, tap the 2GIG logo on the Home Screen > enter the four digit installer code, 2GIG factory default code is 1561 > Installer Tool Box > Smart Home Settings > Add Device.

Once the Add Device icon is tapped, a screen labeled Listening for Devices to Add will appear with a message in the middle of the screen that reads “Add Devices Now”. Once the “Add Devices Now” appears, trigger the Z-Wave device you want to add. Example, for a light switch, you might need to flip the switch. Each device is different so trigger the device as recommended in its documentation.

Once the 2GIG GC3 panel has found the device, an “Adding Device” message will appear. Once the device has been added, the message changes to “New Device Was Added To The System” > press OK. The 2GIG GC3 panel will beep twice when the device has been successfully added.

After the device is added, users have the option to “rename” the device. Tap “Rename” and a touchscreen keypad appears. Type in the description > Done. The new name will appear under Listening for Devices.

Tap the < arrow to return to Smart Home Settings menu.

The 2GIG GC3 panel supports up to 232 Z-Wave devices including door locks, light switches, light bulbs and thermostats.

The 2GIG GC3 is compatible with allows users to control the alarm system, home automation and video surveillance remotely from any computer, Android or iOS device. Users will receive notifications via email, text message or push notification when an alarm or other event occurs.

To connect the 2GIG GC3 to, a cell communicator is needed. Users can select the carrier for best signal in the area. The 2GIG 3GA-A-GC3, AT&T , 2GIG CDMV-A-GC3, Verizon or 2GIG3GR-A-GC3 Roger's for Canadian users.

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