How Do I Arm Away My 2GIG Edge?

You can arm away your 2GIG Edge by selecting the option at the panel, performing an arm away process using a keypad or key fob, or by arming away through No matter how you perform the process, the end result will be the same. The system will be put into an armed away state.

When you arm away your 2GIG Edge, you are putting the system into a state where all perimeter, as well as all interior zones are protected. In particular, you should only arm away when there is nobody remaining inside the building. You should not confuse arming away with arming stay, as arming stay assumes that one or more people will remain inside the building. The big difference between arming away and arming stay is that when you arm stay, interior zones are automatically bypassed and ignored by the system. These interior zones are not automatically bypassed when you arm away. If you fault an interior zone while the system is armed away, then depending on the specific Sensor Type, either an immediate alarm will occur, or the system will go into an entry delay countdown, and you must disarm the system before the countdown expires, or else an alarm will occur.

If you fault a perimeter zone or an interior follower zone while the system is armed away, then the system will go into alarm immediately. If you fault an entry/exit zone while the system is armed away, then you must disarm the system before the entry delay countdown period expires, or else the system will go into alarm. If there are any non-life-safety sensors that you want to remain inactive for a single arming session, then you have the capability to bypass those sensors. For example, if you have an interior door monitored by a contact sensor, and you want to leave that door open when you arm away, then you can bypass that zone. Keep in mind though that while that one sensor is bypassed and ignored by the system, the rest of the system and all of its sensors will remain active as usual, unless of course any other sensor is bypassed.

Complete the following steps to arm away the 2GIG Edge:

1. Secure the premises. You put a security system into an arm away state when there is nobody remaining inside the building. If you want to put the system into a secured state while one or more people are remaining inside the building, then you should consider arming stay instead. However, if you are wanting to arm away with nobody remaining inside, then you should take proper action first. Make sure all your doors and windows are closed. If there are some doors and/or windows that you want to leave open, then you should bypass those sensors first. You may also want to make sure that your exterior doors and windows are locked so that your premises is as protected as possible. Just in general, make sure you are prepared to leave. Ensure that any pets you have are properly situated. If you have a garage, make sure it is closed or will be closed before the exit delay expires.

2. Arm away the system. There are multiple ways that you can arm away the 2GIG Edge. If you are arming away at the panel itself, then you can press the arm away button to initiate the exit delay countdown. You can alternatively press the "muted" arm away button to initiate a silent exit, without any exit delay sounds. One important thing to note is that if you opt for a silent exit, then the exit delay countdown timer will be doubled from its usual time period.

If you are arming away using the 2GIG Edge Remote Touchscreen Keypad, then you can arm away using the exact same process as you would use on the main panel itself. You can also arm away using the less-advanced 2GIG PAD1-345 Touchpad Keypad. This is done by pressing the "Away" button on the PAD1-345, and then entering a valid code, such as the system's Master Code (default 1111, but usually changed) or any other valid user code. At the time of this writing (June 2021) those are the only two keypads available for the 2GIG Edge Security System.

The 2GIG Edge can also be armed by using a key fob. The key fob must be programmed with the 2GIG Edge System in order for this to work. Examples of compatible 2GIG Edge Key Fobs include the 2GIG KEY2e Encrypted Key Fob, the 2GIG KEY2-345 Key Fob, the Honeywell 5834-4 Four Button Key Fob, and the Honeywell 5834-2 Two Button Key Fob. Regardless of which key fob you are using, the process for arming away is generally the same. Just press and hold the designated arm away button(s) on the key fob device. Make sure you are within wireless signal range and that the key fob has a battery properly installed. The 2GIG Edge Panel will emit a loud confirmation beep when arming using a key fob. This is known as Arm Confirm, and it is an important measure put in place to prevent false alarms. This also allows the user to confirm successful arming when they are not within sight of a system keypad.

If the 2GIG Edge System is monitored with a proper monitoring plan, then you can remotely arm away the system using This can be done using the Mobile App on your phone or through the website using a compatible web browser. You will need to log in to your account using your username and password, and also complete two-factor authentication (2FA) if it is enabled.

3. Vacate the premises. When you Arm Away, nobody is supposed to remain inside the building. After you arm away, make sure that everyone inside the building leaves before the exit delay countdown period expires. If you are leaving any pets behind, then make sure that any motion detection sensors are pet friendly and are properly installed. This is very important for preventing false alarms. Always be aware of your system's exit delay countdown, and make sure that it is set long enough for you and all of the other members of your household or business to properly leave the building. If you realize that you do not have enough time left to leave, then you can disarm the system before the exit delay countdown expires, and then re-arm the system once you are ready. If you ever find that your exit delay countdown timer isn't as long as you would like, then you can set it to a longer period through the Timer, Delays, and Counts Menu of advanced programming. The exit delay countdown setting is adjusted through Q201 in that menu.

4. Disarm upon return. When you return to the premises, you will need to disarm upon entering to avoid an alarm. You can disarm using the panel, an external keypad, a key fob, or through The most common scenario is that you will fault an entry/exit zone (i.e. a door used for coming and going) upon entering the building, and the 2GIG Edge System will go into an entry delay countdown. You must disarm the system before the countdown expires to avoid causing an alarm. Make sure that you have a valid code with access to the panel or a remote keypad, or access to a key fob, or simply disarm through before entering the building. Also, make sure that anyone else who may use the system knows how to disarm the panel. This is very important for preventing any false alarms on the system, and it is considered to be a basic principle of responsible security system usage.

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