How Do I Clear A Tamper Error On My Honeywell System?

To clear a tamper on a Honeywell alarm system, the cause of the tamper should be corrected first. If this is a cover tamper on a wireless alarm system, replace or reseat the system cover so that it properly holds down the tamper switch.

Usually, a tamper on a wireless sensor is due to the cover not being placed back on correctly, or in some cases, if the sensor has a back tamper, it may not be mounted correctly, or may be missing its back plate.

Once the reason for the tamper is found and corrected, whether it was a panel tamper, or a sensor tamper, disarm the system twice to clear the tamper display. With Vista panels, this means entering your 4 digit code + Off [1] twice. With Lynx or Lyric alarm panel, go to Security > Disarm > Enter Code. Do this twice. You can also press the Home Key once or twice, until you're provided with a number pad, then enter your valid 4 digit code.

View Alarm Grid’s video; Honeywell 5800C2W: Fixing a Cover Tamper

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I would contact them so that they can be aware of the tamper.
I want to remove the Honeywell unit to paint and relocate. Do I simply let my alarm service provider know or can I just take it off the wall and deal with the tamper error after reinstalling?
Great, let us know if you still run into trouble.
Okay, I'll try that. It dawned on me that I could have put in completely dead batteries... that would do it. I can't imagine, as they were new, but it's just very strange. I might also check that.
You have tried several disarms again to clear the supervision trouble right? If so, that means these sensors are fully offline. You could try popping the tamper cover to see if it throws the tamper trouble again. If it does and you can clear it out again that may clear the supervision trouble as well. As soon as the transmitters check in with the panel the supervision trouble should restore after two disarms so following that logic a cleared tamper signal may clear the supervision trouble too. I have seen this type of strange behavior on 5811 sensors. If you are still under the 2 year manufacturer's warranty you should contact the seller. Otherwise you may be stuck with replacing them if the troubleshooting steps above do not work for you.
Just Supervision. Tamper faults have been resolved.
I have seen this type of behavior on 5811s before. Did you try the manual tamper test I explained earlier? That will prove that the tamper switch works or not. Then we can troubleshoot from there. Are you still getting tamper troubles or just supervision troubles now?
The crazy thing about these two sensors are that they have been functioning perfectly for about two years. I changed the battery and then this started.
Wireless sensors send a check-in signal to the panel on a regular basis, and if the panel doesn't hear a sensor for a specified period of time, it shows that sensor as being in supervision trouble. To clear it, you have to transmit with the device (such as opening and closing the door or window) then enter the code and off disarm sequence once or twice. If the panel doesn't receive the transmission from the sensor, it will not clear the display, as the trouble condition still exists. I have seen wireless transmitters that were mounted too close to the panel or receiver have issues consistently having their devices "heard". Your transmitters may actually be too close.
I was able to reset these by going in to the original device subscription page. I resaved it and it went away. Now I am getting another fault that just says "Supervision". I can't seem to clear it, and am having a hard time finding any documentation. What I have found seems to refer to it possibly being out of range, but these are the two zones closest to the control panel... not more than 5 feet away.
If you remove the tamper cover and do a manual tamper test we can determine if the tamper switch is faulty or not. Press your finger on the metal tamper switch and hold it while you disarm twice on the keypad. If this clears the tamper trouble than the switch works but the cover is not properly aligned and depressing the switch. If you are within the 2 year manufacturers warranty you can reach out to your seller and confirm that the tamper switch is broken if that is the case. If you are outside the window you will most likely have to replace those. We are happy to do some troubleshooting if you want to call in during our tech support hours.
I have 5811 sensors. I recently replaced some batteries, and on those I replaced I cannot seem to clear the tamper fault. I have tried the "disarm twice" protocol several times, reseated the sensor covers, etc. Nothing seems to clear it. Any other ideas?
Do you have chime mode enabled? Is your system monitored?
i cant find the door sensors on my apartment door.. my keypad is 6148 and panel is 4110xm..keypad shows check 09 and front door is not chiming. i looked through the whole door frame and the door but i just cant find it. Please assist me.

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