How do I determine if my SIM needs to be re-seated?

First, verify that the SIM is active with the carrier. Next, verify that the carrier provides good signal in the area where the radio is installed. If both things are true, and the radio is showing no signal strength, or if all the LEDs are flashing on and off, re-seating the SIM may help.

To verify if the SIM is active with the carrier, provide the MAC and CRC to the alarm dealer. They will then be able to verify the SIM Activation status. If necessary, they can request activation and arrange to notify you when the SIM activation is complete. By providing them with the address, they will also be able to check available signal strength in the area based on the carrier.

Once the SIM has been activated, the communicator will require a power cycle. After the power cycle, the communicator should begin showing RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication). Most communicators have LEDs for this purpose. But some, like the Lyric Controller and Lynx Touch Panels, may require that you enter programming in order to verify signal strength.

If the SIM is active, but no signal strength is being displayed, or if the LEDs on the communicator continue to flash through a reboot sequence (LEDs illuminate in a pattern, then all go out, then repeat the pattern), enter programming for further troubleshooting. On Vista 21iP, 20P and 15P Panels, this will require that you use an Alpha keypad, such as the 6160. This feature is available on Vista-20P and Vista-15P panels revision 7 or higher, and on all Vista-21iP revisions.

Follow these steps to verify signal strength, and to determine if the SIM is being read by the communicator on a Vista Panel:

1. Enter programming. Enter the Installer Code + [8] + [00]. The default Installer Code is 4112. If you do not know the Installer Code, you may need to use the back door to enter programming. Once in programming, you should see Installer Code 20. If you only see a 20 displayed, this means you do not have an Alpha Keypad. Press *99 to exit programming, and return with an Alpha Keypad.

2. Enter communicator programming. Press [*] [29]. At the below prompt, press [1], then [*].

3. Enter Diagnostics. Press [2] [*] to enter Diagnostics. You will see a prompt that says "Sel Key Command".

4. Enter diagnostic commands. While in this mode, the 6160 will function as a 7720P program tool. Because of this, some of the keys will perform alternate functions. Refer to the template below. When Shift is pressed, the Ready LED will illuminate. While this light is illuminated, each key will perform its alternate function. These are highlighted in green below:

Press [Shift] + 2 (B). You will see a screen displaying the MAC and CRC for the communicator. Press [*]. If the SIM is being seen by the communicator, this screen should display the SCID (SIM Card ID). If the SIM is not being read properly, this may not show anything, or it may show up as four groups of ?'s. This indicates that the SIM needs to be re-seated.

If the SCID is displayed, make a note of the number, in particular the 5 digits on the lower right. The alarm dealer can verify that these numbers match the SCID associated with the MAC address you provided during SIM activation.

Press [Shift] + 5 (E). This will show you a numeric indication of signal strength. Since this is indicated with a negative number, the lower the numerals, the higher the signal strength. If you see "Searching for Coverage", and you have verified that the SIM is active, and a coverage map indicates that signal should be good in this area, it may be worth re-seating the SIM at this point.

5. Check again. After re-seating the SIM, you will need to go back through the diagnostic process to see if the re-seat has helped. It can take multiple attempts at re-seating the SIM to get it working properly.

To perform this same testing on a Lynx Touch or Lyric System, perform the following steps:

1. Enter Programming. Press Security > More (Lynx Touch only) > Tools > Installer Code (default is 4112) > Program. If you do not know the installer code, or if you are locked out of programming on the Lynx Touch, you may need to use the back door. There is no back door into programming on the Lyric. For that system, you must know the Installer Code.

2. Enter Comm Diagnostics. Once inside system programming, go to communicator. Make sure the communication path is set correctly. The options are None, WIFI, Cellular or WIFI and Cellular. If a change is made, make sure you press "Save". You will see a message that says "Please wait, Updating Root file". But if the system is not registered, you will receive a warning about this. Press "OK". Then select "Comm. Diagnostics".

3. View Cellular Information. Press the down arrow to the right then select "Communication ID Numbers". On this page, you should be able to view the MAC, CRC and SCID. If not, the SIM is not being read properly, and a SIM re-Seat is in order.

Below is an example of what you will see if the SIM card is not being read:

Below is an example of what you will see if the SIM card is being read:

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