How do I Program a 5802WXT to My VISTA Security System?

To add a 5802WXT to a Honeywell Vista Alarm panel, you must first be able to enter programming. The FAQ linked here discusses entering programming on a Vista-20P, in particular, but the mechanics of entering programming are the same on the Vista-20P, Vista-15P, Vista-10P, and Vista-21iP, as well as their SIA versions. With any of these panels, you'll need an Alpha Display keypad to perform zone programming, once you enter. You can use any of these keypads, with the exception of the 6150RF, 6152, 6150, 6151, or 6148. The Tuxedo Touch Keypads can be used in Console Mode, but only if you know the Installer Code, and don't need to use the back door method to get into programming.

Once you've entered programming, go to Zone Programming. There are two methods of programming zones, *56, Menu Driven Programming, or *58, Expert Mode. *58 Expert Mode is a quicker programming method, but can be a bit trickier, so we're going to use *56 for our examples in this FAQ.

  1. Once in programming, press *56
  2. At the "Set to Confirm" prompt, choose "Yes" [1]*
  3. At the "Enter Zn Num." prompt, enter the zone number you wish to program. Because, by necessity, this is a wireless zone, the zone number will have to be a number 09 or above, as zones 01 - 08, or 01 - 06 on the six zone panels, must either be used as Hardwired, or skipped. For our example, we're using zone 10. Press * to proceed.
  4. Next you'll see a summary screen. If you see anything other than 00 under ZT, it means this zone already has programming. If you wish to start with a new zone, press #, which will take you back to the previous prompt, and enter a new zone number. Once on the zone you wish to program, Press * to move forward.
  5. At the "Zone Type" prompt, enter a zone type that corresponds with how you want the 5802WXT to be treated. As this is usually a panic button, you most likely want to stick with a 24 Hour zone type. This means, whether the system is armed or disarmed, if the button is pressed, it will cause an alarm. 24 Hour Zone Types include 06 - 24 Hr Silent, 07 - 24 Hr Audible, and 08, 24 Hr Aux. Once you've made your entry, press *
  6. At the "Partition" prompt, enter the appropriate partition number. Only the Vista-20P, and Vista-21iP will display this prompt. Press * to continue
  7. Next is the "Report Code" prompt. When a zone type other than 00 is entered, the zone will automatically be given a valid Contact ID report code. If using a format other than Contact ID, this code should be changed. Check with your monitoring company for valid entries. This information is entered in Hexadecimal, so a report code digit 1 is entered as 01, 2 is entered as 02, and so on. The entry shown is entered as 01 00, which displays as a 10. Press * to continue.
  8. At the "Input Type" prompt, you have two choices. You can choose to supervise the 5802WXT, or not. If you supervise, choose Input Type 03. With this option selected, the panel will expect a check-in signal from the panic button about once every hour. If the 5802WXT is carried off-site for more than that, a trouble signal will be indicated. If you're not interested in this type of supervision, choose Input type 04. Regardless of input type, the panic button will be supervised for Low Battery. Press * to continue
  9. At the "Input S/N" prompt, you can either press the panic button twice, to learn in the proper serial number, or you can type in the serial number. Press * to continue.
  10. Because you said "Yes" to "Set to Confirm" you now see this prompt. You can press the panic button again, to transmit a confirmation signal, and make sure the previous serial number and loop number programming is correct. If you decide you don't want to confirm, you can Press * to skip this step.
  11. If you transmit to confirm, and the transmission received matches the previous programming, you'll see another Summary Screen. This one filled with programming information. Press * to continue.
  12. If you transmit to confirm, and the transmission received does not match the previous programming, you'll see something similar to the screen below. Try transmitting the serial number again. If the transmission still does not match, press the [#] key twice, which will take you back to Step 9, and attempt to make the serial number entry again.
  13. Once the serial number has been properly entered, and you've pressed * to get past the 2nd summary screen, you'll see this. For purposes of this FAQ, Press 0 for No.
  14. You'll automatically be taken to the Next Available Zone number for programming.

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