How Do I Program A 5834-4 To A VISTA P Panel?

The Honeywell 5834-4 key fob needs a 5881 series wireless receiver or anRF keypad connected to a Vista panel to communicate.

To program enter programming by entering the installer code (Honeywell factory default code is 4112) followed by the numbers 8 0 0. Press *58 to enter the summary screen.

Enter Template number 1–6

Press the star (∗) key to display template. Top line of display represents loop numbers; bottom line represents zone type assigned for each loop (refer to the Vista programming guide for complete list of templates).

Press the star key to accept.

Enter the partition the key fob is to be assigned to and then press

the star key to continue.

The system will search for the highest available consecutive

4-zone group and display the lowest zone number of the group.

To start at a different zone, enter the zone desired, and press the star key. If the required number of consecutive zones is not available

at all, the system will display “00”.

Press the star key to accept

Manually enter the 7 digit serial number printed on the label of the

key fob or or press and release a button to transmit its serial number.

Press the star key to accept the serial number. The system will check for a duplicate. If the serial number transmitted does not match the serial number entered, a display similar to the one shown will appear.

If the loop number does not match, it will also be displayed. If it does not match re enter the serial number.

If the serial number transmitted matches the serial number

entered, the keypad will beep 3 times and will return to the

zone number prompt where another key fob can be entered.

Confirm serial and loop numbers by activating the key fob.

Assign the key fob to a user number, it is not active for arming/disarming until it is assigned to a user number.

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