How Do I Setup Multi-System Account Access in

You can setup multi-system account access in by enabling it from a web browser. Click the Login Information icon, then "Multi-System Access". Click "Add a System". Provide the login info for that panel. Click "Submit", then "Confirm". Do this to access both accounts with one login. allows you to link multiple systems with a single login. This can even be done for systems that are being monitored by different alarm companies. There is no limit to the number of systems that can be linked to a particular login. Being able to link multiple sites prevents a customer with multiple systems from having to log out of one account to log into a separate account to view another system.

To set up Multi-System Account Access in, follow these steps:

1. Choose the Login. Decide which of your account credentials you want to use moving forward. From now on, this will be the Login and Password you always use when logging into

2. Access the account. First, log into both accounts to make sure you know your login name and password. Then from a web browser, not from the mobile app, log into the account you selected in Step 1.

3. Create the Multi-System link. Either click the icon for the login, or click "Settings", followed by "Login Information".

Click "Multi-System Access".

The name of the system associated with this account will be displayed. Click the "Add System" button.

You will be prompted to enter the correct Login and Password for the system you are adding. Once you have entered the correct information, select "Submit".

You'll be asked to confirm that you wish to associate the second system with the first system's login information. Press "Confirm".

You will see the original system associated with the login selected in Step 1, as well as the other system that was just associated. You will notice that you have the option to delete the second system, but not the first. If you ever decide you no longer want the two systems associated with the same login, you can simply delete the added system from this screen. The original system this particular login was created for cannot be deleted in this way. If you have additional systems you want to associate with this login, repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each system to be added.

After you have associated all systems with the login you selected in Step 1, you will then be able to toggle between the systems using the same login with the Mobile App, or through the web page.

NOTE: This is a per login association. This means if multiple users per account need access to multiple systems, each individual user will have to go through the above process in order to set up multi-system access.

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