How Do I Turn On Total Connect Video?

You can turn on Total Connect video by contacting your alarm monitoring company to activate the service. You will need to know the MAC address for any IP camera that you want to use with Total Connect video. A single Total Connect account provides support for up to six different IP cameras.

Complete the following steps to activate Total Connect video:

1. Verify camera compatibility. Only Honeywell IPCAM cameras, and the Lyric C1, are compatible with Total Connect 2.0 at this time. New cameras are being added, though, so check compatibility.

2. Connect the cameras. Any IP camera that the user wants to use with Total Connect will need to be connected to the network. An IP camera can be connected using a wireless WPS connection or a hard-wired ethernet connection.

To use a wireless connection, activate the WPS on both the router and the camera. You can active the WPS on the router by pressing and holding its WPS button for about 3 seconds. If the router does not have a WPS button, then a Honeywell WAP-PLUS will need to be added. The WAP-PLUS has a WPS button on it that can be used to connect the cameras to the network. Within 60 seconds, press the WPS or the reset button on the camera you want to activate. The camera will indicate that it has been connected online by displaying some type of LED confirmation light. Check the cameras instructions for details.

To connect a camera using an ethernet connection, you must run an ethernet cord from the camera to the router. In most cases, fishing the ethernet cord through the walls back to the router will be required for a professional-looking installation.

3. Contact your alarm company. Once the cameras are online, you must contact your alarm monitoring company and let them know that you would like to activate your cameras. You will be asked to provide the MAC address for any camera that you want to activate. The MAC address can typically be found on the back of any IP camera. Once a camera has been activated, you should also ask your alarm monitoring company to name the camera so that you can easily find it on Total Connect. Alternatively, you can name the camera through Total Connect 2.0, once it's been added.

4. Test the cameras. You can test the cameras by logging-in to Total Connect and clicking on the "Cameras" button. If a camera was activated successfully, it should be displayed on the screen. Check the live video feed of the camera to ensure that it is recording properly. You can also change any desired settings for the IP camera from Total Connect.

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