How Do I Use the Lyric Gateway to Control a Garage Door?

Unlike the Lyric security system, the Lyric Gateway is only compatible with the Linear GD00Z-4 or GD00Z-5 Garage Door Controller (hereinafter referred to as GD00Z), and does not support the 5877GDPK at this time. This device should be mounted near, and wired to, the garage door opener itself, and will only work on garage door controllers that recognize a momentary short to activate opening and closing of the door. It requires a connection to a regular 110 VAC outlet. Fortunately, there’s usually one available right next to the garage door opener motor:

Despite the fact that the installation manual suggests it as the 5th step in setting up the GD00Z, I recommend you pair it with the Lyric Gateway prior to installing the hardware. These instructions assume the MyHome Gateway app has already been configured to work with the Lyric Gateway. For steps on setting that up, click here.

Temporarily plug the GD00Z into an outlet near the panel. In the MyHome Gateway App, go to Automation > Down Arrow > Tools > Include Devices.

Once the Gateway has been put into inclusion mode, press the Link Button on the GD00Z and wait for the two devices to pair. If the devices don’t pair right away, go through the process to Exclude the GD00Z, then, once Excluded, attempt to Include again.

The GD00Z comes with a tilt sensor, which must be mounted to the inside of the garage door. If the GD00Z does not see the Tilt Sensor, it will remain in a “Disabled” state, even though it may be properly enrolled as a Z-Wave device in the Gateway. The tilt sensor will report the open or closed status of the door, but only to the GD00Z. If you want to monitor the garage door as a burglary zone, you need to add another sensor to it, such as a 5822T, or a 958 tied into a SiXCT, or a 5816, and program it into the Lyric Gateway appropriately.

The tilt sensor that comes with the GD00Z should be paired with it from the factory, but if you had to reset the GD00Z by pressing the "Learn" button 5 times, or if it doesn’t register, and the Garage Door continues to show “Disabled” when viewed through the MyHome Gateway app, you’ll need to learn it into the GD00Z. To do this:

  1. Press and Hold the “Learn” button on the GD00Z (the same one used to learn it into the Z-Wave controller) with the tilt sensor in the Vertical position (arrow pointed up) until you hear a beep.
  2. Release the button.
  3. Move the tilt sensor into the horizontal position (arrow pointed left to right) and Press and Hold the “Learn” button again. The Strobe on the GD00Z should flash, you’ll hear “Beep, Beep, Beep-Beep-Beep”.

Now the tilt sensor has been paired with the GD00Z.

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