How do I install a Honeywell 7847i on a VISTA-21iP?

Installing a 7847i internet communicator on a VISTA-21iP security system is not something often done, but it is possible. As the VISTA-21iP is already equipped with a built-in internet communicator there usually is no reason to install a 7847i on the panel. However, in cases where the internal IP communicator goes bad or needs to be replaced to support newer features, you can add the external 7847i to get a working IP communication path.

A VISTA-21iP is essentially a VISTA-20P with a 7847i built right into the board. However, the internal IP communicator is separate within the design of the system and there can be cases where it fails while the system still works. Also, on older VISTA-21iP's that don't support Honeywell's Total Connect 2.0 service, you may want to upgrade your VISTA-21iP's PROM chip and communicator to add TC2 functionality without needing a whole new system. As explained in the linked FAQ from the previous sentence, in both instances, you can power the system down, change the panel's jumper pin, and then simply connect the 7847i to the ECP terminals on the alarm control panel just like you would on a normal VISTA-20P. Once you have the jumper set properly and the external communicator connected, you can plug in your Ethernet cable to the 7847i instead of the built-in port on the 21iP.

With the VISTA-21iP set not to use its internal communicator and the 7847i added, you'll be setup and ready to be activated for AlarmNet monitoring service.

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