How many hardwire zones are on a Lyric security system?

Technically, the Honeywell Lyric Controller supports 2 hardwired zones and 128 wireless zones. However with the proper hardware you can have up to 130 hardwired zones! The Lyric is a self-contained wireless alarm system. Although it primarily functions as a wireless system it does support wired sensors. Inside the main control panel there are two hardwired zones. These zones match to zone 1 and 2 respectively in zone programming. The integrated (inside panel) hardwired zones are designed for burglary devices only, which are usually Normally Closed (NC) contacts. This could be on a door, window, gate, cabinet, closet, etc. It does not support Life Safety devices, such as Smokes, or CO detectors, which are usually Normally Open (NO) contacts. So, though you can set the zone to NO, NC, or EOL as the Supervision type, the panel will not allow you program these zones for Fire, or CO Response types. Technically you can hookup a wired motion or glass break. However you will need to setup a 12VDC auxiliary power supply to power them. Just like any wired "zone" you can potentially wire several sensors to a single wired input, or just use a single sensor.

There is a unique part that translates wired zones to wireless: the Honeywell 5800C2W wired to wireless converter. This is a wired expansion module that allows you to land 9 hardwired zones and convert them to wireless. Since these are seen as wireless zones you can add up to 14 x 5800C2W's to a lyric using all 9 zones (128 zones total). Unlike the passive wired terminals on the Lyric, the C2W allows you to connect powered devices like motions and glass breaks. There is a 12VDC aux output where you can land the power connections (generally black and red wires) from your 4-wire powered devices. The module ships with a transformer to power it, but requires a separately purchased backup battery, to be used in the event of an AC power loss. We recommend the Ultratech 1240 or 1270 batteries. Also, there is no cabling to connect the transformer to the C2W so we prefer using the LT-Cable. Similar to the integrated wired zones, the C2W does not support life safety devices.

When programming wired zones from the C2W to the Lyric you replace the last digit with the zone number from left to right. So zone 1 (far left wired zone), will be programmed as XXX-XXX1 and so on. You can either manually enter the serial number or auto-enroll them. When you click into the serial number field in zone programming on your Lyric Controller you can simply trip any sensor on the wired zone three times. This will automatically send the serial number to the panel. Then you can label it by entering the zone descriptor. For motions and glass breaks auto-enrolling can be tricky. Just manually enroll the serial number for these if you have any difficulty.

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